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15 and concerned about death.

I've noticed in recent months that I have had this growing fear of death. While I know if would be best for me if I just stopped thinking about it all the time, it still seems to pop into my head. My fear is not that i'm going to die suddenly, tomorrow or the next day, but rather the inevitability of it. I also don't fear the act of dying, just being dead. Its going to happen. My entire family is Christian, but I don't think I am. I find most religions very flawed with there beliefs in comparison to the facts of science. The whole idea that "Life is a test!" to get into heaven or hell is just propaganda. What about still births? Or 2 year old's that choke on their bed sheets? Have they passed the test? There is just so much evidence for evolution you can now pretty much call it fact. The brain is just a collection of molecules and atoms just like any other object in the universe, living or not. The only thing that makes it special is how those atoms are arranged. Alright enough rambling. I have learned that there is probably no oasis after death, no afterlife. While I cannot be 100% sure that there is no afterlife, for i'm not dead, I can infer that there is not. No one has lived to tell the tale of death. Once i'm dead, there will be nothing more to experience, just emptiness. This is what I fear. No more time to see human progress, nor time to see the technological advances that humans will make after my death. 100 years after my death I will probably be almost completely forgotten. I feel like very few people, (teens in particular) are fearful like me. Is anyone even a wee bit concerned?
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It's called anxiety dude , lots of people have it and lots of people have different obsessive thoughts your a normal 17 year old that has a bit of anxiety you'll make it through and hopefully soon be able to get those obsessive thoughts out of your head, but I'm sure everyone in this world fears death
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15 year old sorry I read that wrong
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