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24/7 Anxiety?? possiable? im dizzy

is it possiable to have 24/7 anxiety? im soo dizzy non stop and i cant even do ne thing no more...mri ct scans and blood work are all fine.....i feel like my body is soo heavy and i cant do ne thing i can brely have a convo with a friend with out feeling dizzy the whole time...im going insane!!!!!
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you need some medicine.  You have obviously seen a doctor because you've had scans done.  Are you telling them the same thing you are stating on here.  Usually when you state that you are anxious, they do not order brain scans, but order a prescription for medicine.  Something like zoloft or lexapro may be helpful to take on a long term basis until your symptoms are controlled.  
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I understand how you feel. I stay in a constant state of panic and anxiety. I am on meds some days I am functional other days mu husband stays on the phone with me to get me thru a work day. It is hard to function. I feel so alone and feel like I am an outsider to the world and my family. I get dizzy and panic in public. Its embarrassing to watch my husband and kids go shopping while I sit in the vehicle crippled for fear that of I go on I will have to run out
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I totally understand what you are all saying!  I can have a prefectly good day then all of the sudden a dizzish feeling will come over me and the anxiety goes up from there!  I want to be able to function normally on a daily basis and not be afraid anymore!  Good luck to all!
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okmg its the worst and is embarrsing...have u had it checked out? any answers? its driving me insane!!!
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i do need a long term medicine for depression..they prescribed me cymbalta but im scared to take it... i hate side affects and they scare me.
but i really do feel there is a physical issue besides my anxiety and depression..how could i tell a side affect apart from what im feeling now or the medicine?  its just a long bull **** road.. i need to talk to someone like you who knows what she is talking about..id love to hear from you..
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