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Adrenaline rush

I was wondering what may be causing random feelings of adrenaline.  That's the best way I can explain it.  I can be in the middle of a sentence and this feeling washes over me.  It's not a bad feeling.  My heart does not race, but it "takes my breath away" for a moment and a feeling of hormones or adrenaline rush through me and then "poof," everything goes back to normal.  Has this happened to anyone?  How can you make them stop?  At times, this can happen several times a day and can become exhausting if so.
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I believe I'm having the symptoms that you are describing.it is very hard to explain to someone the feeling.I have been on Zoloft since the end of October 2014 and buspar since beginning of December 2014. I just had my buspar upped a few days ago by the doctor so I am hoping that that helps. It seems I am having more good days than bad. But out of nowhere you get that adrenaline rush feeling not necessarily doing anything and its very scary which then leads to additional anxiety.
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