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All my symptoms and more

basicly ive had  one of them dreams where you feel really like it was real and its messing yout head up like i keep thinking about it.

these are all the symptoms that i have felt please relait to them

1. dream like
2. feels llike life is like a movie
3. out of control completely
4. unsafe anywhere i go
5. everything looks big
6. memory feels like its just gone
7. unable to concentrate
and theres loads more but i am unable to recognizethem has anyone else ever felt these
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can that be cured what you just said??
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write these symptoms down and take them to your doctor. there are a couple things that make me wonder if this is schizophrenia or something similiar. it causes magical thinking, sort of like when u said u feel like ur life is a movie and it makes people paranoid and afraid. talk to your doctor about it, show him these symptoms and get his opinion. im not a professional, god bless
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