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Am I pregnant or do i have bad anxiety and panic attacks.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling nervous and restless. I get tense. I feel panic. I get a rapid heart rate. I sometimes get muscle soreness. I find it difficult in focusing or thinking clearly about anything that I’m worried about. I get worried that I might be pregnant even though my period ended today. It lasted a full 6 days (usually lasts 5,or 6, or 7 days. Depends on what I do and if I’m stressed or not). And I’m also super worried about my boyfriend leaving the state in 2 days. I can’t sleep. I get gastrointestinal problems such as gas and diarrhea. I get a strong desire to avoid my boyfriend because I feel like he’s causing my anxiety because I don’t want him to leave even though he’s not doing anything wrong and he’s taking care of me. I get obsessive about certain ideas such as that I will always feel like this, that things in my life are always going to be the same. (Daily routine REALLY bothers me. I also feel that it’s part of what I feel.) I sometimes feel cold and shaky. I get a fear of going crazy. I feel helpless. In the mornings i get severe anxiety, nausea, and stomach aches. I catatrophize a lot. I get waves of depression. I feel futile(useless). I get a fear of never ending doom. Sometimes I can’t stay calm or still. I get abominal cramping. Sometimes I get a sharp pain between my chest or on the sides. Sometimes my nipples hurt. I feel like I loose track of time or I feel lost. I feel SUPER sad. I don’t get hungry. I get anxiety to eat because I feel that I will get nauseous. I sometimes have to pee of how nervous i get. This all goes away for a little while then it comes back again. As the days got closer for my boyfriend to leave the state, I began to feel all of this more and more, but I’m afraid to go to the doctor for the fear that he will tell me that I’m pregnant or that I have something else.
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Clearly you have an anxiety problem.  You know if you just had your period you aren't pregnant, but you also probably know how to find out if you had better reason to believe you were.  You don't need a doctor to test for pregnancy, but again, you just had your period.  What you're describing is a lot of insecurity and co-dependence so the question is, what have you done about this problem?  Seen a therapist yet?  
I’m currently in the waiting list to get assigned to a therapist. But in the mean time, I don’t know what to do. I try keeping myself as distracted as I can, but I keep getting anxiety and panic attacks. In the mornings is when I mostly feel the most anxious. Sometimes I get irritated and really anxious to be in places where there’s lots of people. I get chest pains frequently.
If your life is severely disrupted, you might have to look into medication.  If you can wait, try to learn meditation and breathing exercises and exercise to take the  edge off.  Good luck.
I’m scheduled to go to the doctor today to get checked out. I exercise 3 days a week. Thank you for helping me out. :)
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