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Ambien withdrawals

How long does it take to feel better mentally? Ive been on 10 mgs of ambien per night for two years. It has given me severe anxiety in the mornings thru the afternoons. So Ive been slowly weaning off. The anxieties are so severe, I finally just stopped the ambien. No more anxieties, but for 5 days now, no sleep and severe bouts of crying and slight body tremors. Im also on 30 mgs of oxy for pain, that I want to get off of, but first things first. How log will the mental pain and tremors take to feel almost my normal self again, where I can smile and enjoy life? I cant take this anymore...
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This is why you complete the slow taper off, to hopefully avoid the sudden shock to the brain of stopping abruptly.  It takes the brain a while to adjust back to working naturally.  Sometimes it takes a very long time, sometimes a very short time depending on the person, so no one can tell you how long it will be for you.  May it be short.
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Thankyou for your reply
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