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Anxiety & The Paranormal

Ok, so when you look at the title, It can be a LITTLE silly...


At night, when I am about to sleep, it feels as though someone is there. Some kind of signal my ears give off it feels very uneasy for me. I tried sleeping on different sides thinking it was my imagination, but it feels like that "thing" gets closer, almost like someone is starring right at me next to the bed. I am not here for a publicity stunt, I am here for help.

So depending, I do not fear much of the paranormal, like I said DEPENDING... So I heard that theres different waves of energy or something that give off from objects like Televisions or Lamps. Could it be that? Depending if you watched shows like Ghost Hunters they have certain technology that can tell waves of magnetic or electric feilds that can make a person uneasy feeling like somone is there when they are really not. I seriously need help. I can barely sleep sometimes because the feeling is bothering me so much and gives me some anxiety.

Im not planning on having some crazy excorsism either..

My room is also small so I was thinking that could be the issue with the waves all around but at this point I have no idea..

Could my mind be playing tricks? Or some sort of energy?

I also hear walking at night but no one is there, so could this be a sign of the other side? I have No Idea!

Just so you know, again, this is not a stunt, I am looking for nothing but answers and advice. Nothing else. No comments. Anything.

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Any fear can cause anxiety.  I have watched shows and yes, you will see me under the blankets at night because they have scared me.  Our mind is very powerful and even when you don't think you are scared of something, that fear may be lurking in the back of your mind and you get the experience you are getting.  

I'm sure that there is nothing in your room for you to worry about.  If your anxiety persists, then you may want to think about seeing a psychologist.  It could be that you are predisposed to irrational thinking (aka OCD) and this is how it is manifesting.  

On a personal note, I'm a believer in the paranormal so I don't think you are crazy.  :)  
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I agree with both of you on this. I am a believer but I have also felt those weird sensations. I have heard that electrical current can make us paranoid and feel a bit disconnected.

Do you feel better if you get up or turn the lights on or do you still feel uneasey?
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Not at all actually. I even tried sleeping with a night light because thats how scared I was.
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Have you tried curing your anxiety issues? Like consulting some doctor or some medications?
Those are my usual go to things as well.  :>)  Good question.  
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