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Anxiety Attacks

What do you guys do when you're in the middle of having an anxiety attack?
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Sit, relax my muscles as much as possible, concentrate on breathing in a normal fashion, and school my thoughts into positive directions.  Drinking water helps (don't gulp it, just drink).  If I feel hungry, I eat something sweet, like chocolate.  I allow friends and family who may be around to talk to me and tell me everything is okay.  I can pull myself out of an attack in about five minutes this way.  MOST of the time, that is.  On a rare occasion (once or twice a year), I have an uncontrollable attack that will continue if I don't either take one of my emergency meds (seroquel, in my case) or get to the hospital.  Last time, I was able to take a seroquel after 30 minutes of not calming.  That stopped the attack in about 20 minutes, but it also makes it so I can't drive or do anything productive for about 8 hours, since it is a heavy sedative.  I call them my horse-tranquilizers, because that's how they feel.  When I do that, I wind up in bed sleeping for hours, regardless of the time of day.  I hope this is helpful - Blu
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Do a self hypnosis if I am in a place to do it.
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I take a .5mg Ativan if I need one, but most the time I can pull self out of one.   turn on your music and sing lol do what ever you need. to me talking to someone , letting them know your having one and having them there a security helps so so much. just sitting on the couch next to my hubby helps or holding my fur baby, just knowing someone knows and your not alone. praying helps me to
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I call my best friend my hubby he talks to me till I feel better , or I get up and move around . sweep the floors . dance anything to change the cycle.
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