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Anxiety Disorder

I have been done with some body check by my GP, and the result is normal
however i have just 1 symptom that bother me so much and make my life hard.
is it so called' de realiazation" , i just feel it's strange and different, my vision and audition is good
no hullucination , no delusion. When I sleep , i got lots of dream every single nights, which won't usually before.
I am asking for your professional opinion thanks dr
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You won't get any Doctor's opinions here. We are all just like you. Anxiety sufferers. Check out the other thread you began on the same topic. I answered the question in there. Oh and dreams are normal when anxiety levels are high. If we have any fears we dream about them. They are all embedded in the subconscious mind and come out to play as we sleep. That's a normal aspect of anxiety. Or of any illness for that matter.
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so this web site is just for patients to patients?
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do you know any web site that similar to this medical web site , particularly in psychiatry?
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From what I know there is paying section on this web site were you can ask real experts questions. Doctors and the likes. Everything costs. Nothing is for nothing. Have a look around the full site. Just scroll down the bottom on the righthand side and you will see various things with experts beside it. They are the ones you want. The word expert.
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hey you're irish right? i would like to know if most irish ppl speak english as their first language
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It is so so as they say. A lot speak gaelic. If you are around a gaelic speaker you will use gaelic. Or if you don't want a non gaelic speaker to know what you are saying you simply revert back to gaelic. Good to be able to speak both.
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