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Anxiety: Electric Shock feeling?

I have anxiety like ive mentioned in my other posts and i had pain in my left breast, today it was really bad so we went to the doctor they checked my lungs and listened to my heart and the doctor said my heart was in perfect condition, i was okay for a few hours now i get this weird electric shock like feeling around my left side/chest/whole body at times for a split second, anxiety or what?
again i cant even believe the doctor that i dont have anything wrong
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i posted that the other day only it was in my head and made me feel like i would fall. it was a buzz like i would imagine getting shocked might feel. I concluded it had something to do with breathing from exercise. do you meditate?
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I get them in my head if I forget to take my paxil. Sounds alittle like a muscle twitch or contraction(spasm) Its good that you went and got checked out. I hope it goes away for you, and it could most defintely be anxiety related
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i was at the doctor today and she was telling me how my heart was in perfect condition
but it hurts now sooo bad
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I have anxiety and have electric shock type pains in my chest. At least 6 times as week.

It could be caused by that or asthma.
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