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Anxiety? I have no clue.....

So about a year and a half ago out of the blue i was feeling a little off... foggy headed. Then all of a sudden I felt this weird shock like sensation throughout my body which made me think i was going to pass out or have a seizure. I got hot, shaky, lightheaded, and the right side of my face went tingly/numb... i thought i was then having a stroke but I worked at a place with nurses on and they checked me out and said i was fine. I shook it off and went home. The next day the foggy weird feeling was still there I called my gp and she advised me it could be a lot of stress, dehydration, etc. So i tried just ignoring this weirdness but two days later it hit me bad face tingly, shaky, feeling like i cant think straight, and this made me scared to death. I went to the ER they said Lyme Disease (even tho my tests were negative) went on a course of antibiotics for 2 months still felling weird. Test done EKG, EEG, ECHO, MRI numerous blood test all perfect! Only this found 4 months ago is that I have High thyroid antibodies but I am still suffering from this fogginess, fatigue, numbness and tingling in my face and sometimes my feet and hand, weakness... Im only 27 years old this started when I was 26 and i am so done seeing doctor after doctor... Can it be stress just tore my body down after year and put me into a sudden anxious mess? These symptoms come and go i can be completely calm and BAM the weirdness returns. So i am basically just reaching out to see if ANYONE  has had this happen and what else i can try? Im for a loss and i feel like this is taking over my life
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I would recommend that you see an Endo specialist. Many Drs will only check your TSH levels which does'nt tell the whole story. You said yours were high already. If you see an Endocrinologist they will check, or should check, not only TSH but also FT3, FT4 and antibodies. If your thyroid is not functioning properly you can have all kinds of symptoms.
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I don't think stress is tearing our body down as you put it, but it can put you in a "sudden anxious mess" as you put it. This CNN article can explain how bad anxiety can be for some people. Don't give up on the doctors as they might find something, but from what I see in your post your doc said it is stress.
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