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Anxiety - Is this just Anxiety?


Could this be just anxiety or is it a mix of things, is there anything similer to you?
I know i have posted several times just helps me sometimes.

Since around the age of 10 i suffered from thoughts of cars flying in to me, or cars on string (Odd i know) i was hit by a car a few years before and saw a plane crash at an airshow. The thoughts went eventually and popped up every now and then, this was okay to handle.
I heard a song which was an upbeat quick tempo song whilst on a car journey, since then i never liked the song and didn't like fast songs.

It went again, and the Cars and Planes never bothered me. When i was around 14 i suffered from them again for around 3 months.

I then a year later suffered from them again and found it hard at school, the thoughts were now different they were of things going fast say imagine - The sea going fast, cars going fast, people speaking fast ECT - and i had them constantly they caused me many hours of hardly any sleep and a few days of school, it caused me so much anxiety i got, hot and bothered i also shaked and was always scared for my future.
My mum, dad, auntie and Nan found out and eventually after a long period saw a councilor for six 1 hour sessions.
She talked to me about it and i found it didn't help to much, we only practiced a few breathing techniques and talked even though she was nice.
I didn't really have a connection with her.

I had the thoughts on and off in long or short periods - Now they are mostly of traveling fast such as where i am spinning or being on like a fast ride - It's still very distressing. I told my girlfriend and i cried about it sadly which made her cry.
We are still together after over two years.

I find i still get them and only my girlfriend knows i have them.

I find the thoughts can be constant and when there not I am either anxious or depressed about them, i find myself isolation myself in my room, turning on my laptop and TV and sitting there. I search up about mental issues and OCD to calm me down and sometimes i cant sleep.

I have been back to the GP about a year ago one person said i will refer you if you dont feel better a month later, i went back then another doctor had to see me and said it's just a teenage thing.

I worry about my future and my carrer of being a Filmmaker, i think that i may be mad or depressed my whole life.
I find i will one minuet be Happy thinking maybe i will be okay today then i get sad and depressed.

I feel like if i bother my girlfriend too much i will upset her which did happen a few times with my Mum and Dad.

It's worse on nights for me. I find it's hard for me to concentrate when i have them bad and also i find myself having racing thoughts, i sometimes find it hard to rest.
And sometimes i feel like i have loads of thoughts in my head like sometimes feel my thoughts are goinging on by themselves, when I'm really stressed almost shouting (which is utter nonsense) but that might be due to the fact i suffer from Tinnitus. That scares me sometimes because it's stupid.
If I'm suffering Bad from anxiety i can get a BIT paranoid. If i'm okay i sometimes think, im okay but what happens if i was on a rollercoster, or why am i happy i have a problem and then get upset. I also sometimes get slight vertigo.

I dont really worry about the plane crash or car crash anymore. Although i dont like things going fast or roller coasters

I know it's rather strange, although I'm not asking for a diagnosis just an opinion.It ***** around christmas time.
I appreciate if you have read all this.

Have a nice christmas too
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Well, obsessively focusing on an inward thought process is definitely a symptom of anxiety. We all process information differently, and because of this, anxiety, irrational focus and all that are manifested differently in every person. Some get flashbacks, some get chest pains, and some have mind movies of car collisions. What is important is that you're reaching out.
   I am so sorry to hear that your doctor discounted your concerns. However, there is something positive to make of that- your problem didn't go away, which means that it isn't just an overactive imagination; or at least, you can see that there's good reason to try to take care of this rather than waiting it out.
       If you do suffer from Anxiety, the very first thing to do is to go back to a doctor- you may want to avoid the doc from last time, but do NOT try to hide the fact that this is your second visit. Let the doctor know that you suspect that you are having anxiety issues, and that you feel that it is starting to negatively affect your life, and you'd like some help to improve your quality of life. Be brutally honest with your doc and with yourself.
   There is help available. What you don't want is a band-aid approach, where you can continue to try to function while your problems are controlling how you experience life. Some doctors will throw medication at you, and medication absolutely has its' place, but it eases symptoms, rather than fixes problems, so you should consider asking to see a mental health specialist.  
     There's still no guarantee that you've got anxiety and/or panic disorder. Your doctor will help guide you to a person who can properly diagnose you. Your issues may stem from something else, or they may not; regardless, help is out there for you, as is this place.
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Thanks for the reply, feeling a bit down got abit of abuse on another site saying i should get to gripse with reality and other bad comments.
But someone stuck up for me at least.

Take care
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