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Anxiety Nightmare!! Please Help!!

Hello everyone, i'm new to all this and would like to ask for some help, please.

About 8 weeks ago now i began having terrible panic attacks that came out of the blue whilst watching tv. My symptoms included rapid,heavy heart beat, heart skipping a beat chest pains, shortness of breath, feeling as though i was about to die, feeling terrified of everything, trembling....
These panic attacks happened persistently and were eventually complicated by agraphobia  I felt as though i was constantly in a dream like state, i felt as though i couldnt cope with anything, even the thought of brushing my teeth scared the hell out of me. I was unable to do anything without my boyfriend there to help me. The doctor put me on beta blockers and after a few weeks i managed to pull myself together in time to travel Europe, a trip that my boyfriend and i had been planning for a long time.
For the first three weeks the trip went really well, only a few bouts of anxiety and panic but at the begining of week 4 i began getting very unwell. I began feeling a strange sensation inside my head, it felt as though i had a giant bubble trapped behind my eye and at the top of my skull. This feeling was soon accomponied by the feeling of intense pressure inside my head and almost like a burning pain. I began to pop my ears continusly and shook my head from side to side which made a popping sensation in my head, this relieved the bubble for a minuite but it would always come back.  I became so scared of these symptoms that i kept feeling that i was about to have a fit or pass out and die. I started to feel really strange and really trapped!! My partner had to take me straight back to Britain where he took me to a london hospital.  After explaining my symptoms to the doctor she beggan doing some tests, reflexes, looking in my eyes, blood pressure..... She said the tests were all fine and couldnt find enough of a reason to give me a brain scan. So now im going insane!!! I have had this pressure/bubble in my head for about a week now and i cant take much more!! I cant go out, work or talk with friends, im always confused, sometimes im convinced that i cant feel parts of my face, im always so sure that im about to have a fit or hemmoridge and die, also recently my scalp feels as though its burning, i cant sleep or eat, i now way about 7 stone, i cant stop moving around and twitching constantly, its like ive taken some horrible drug. Its destroying my life and my partners too. Does anyone else have this? or have any advice for me? I really need some help.
Oh and im a 22yr old female, i take beta blockers and sometimes diazipam. I dont really drink anymore and i dont smoke.
Thanks for listening.
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Are you there?  I just want to be sure that I'm talking to someone, and not just writing.  LOL

I think I can help make you feel a little better. :)
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Ok, well, I have to leave soon, but I will hopefully hear back from you.

My story is long, but about 4 years ago, I experienced my first anxiety attack. It was due to a certain situation, but never the less, it was an anxiety attack.  I had experienced the most insane physical sensations.  I felt like I was going to die.  It was so bizarre.  I too experienced the pressure and invisioned a bubble of air in my head.  Don't be alarmed.  I also experienced intense feelings up and down my spine and all over my back.  It felt so crazy.  Don't worry, this was all due to anxiety.  Now, you may have plugged ears or allergies, but just remember, it is not life threatening.  Seriously, you HAVE to talk yourself out of thinking you are going to die from a brain tumor etc.  It takes time, but you will understand how important it is to stay level headed in these situations.

Today, I do not have anxiety attacks as intense or often.  Actually, I found ways for it to go away.  It is a chemical imbalance and totally ***** I know.  Medications can help, but also staying positive can help just as much.  Cognative Therepy saved my life.  We have to learn how to cope with anxiety and panic.  It's possible and it alleviates so many symptoms (physical and mental).  

I'm sure you've thought...I'm gonna die...I can't take this anymore....I have a brain tumor...no one understands how I feel...why me?...I feel funny/strange....I just want it to stop, etc.  I've been there hun, and look at me today.  I now understand everything better and am able to cope with it better.  

Even though I cope with anxiety here and there, no anxiety attacks.  I get a few panic attacks here and there, but much more mentally sound than before.  THE SOLUTION....treating in and halting the cycle.  Take meds if thats what it takes.  You just need to break the cycle.  Once you calm your mind and you feel like you have a grip, you can now effectively treat your overall anxiety disorder.  Try therapy, even if you feel "better".  Cognitive therapy is said and known for treating our disorders.  Anxiety can go hand in hand with depression.

Why don't you give me your take on what I've said.  I can help explain some of the things that it took me 4 years to realize.  Trust me, you will be ok if I was ok.  I have feared everything for no reason and understand.  I too felt like I was a burdon on my boyfriend, but they are there to support us.  We are there to support them even if it may be the same or a different issue.  Don't feel guilty or ashamed.  Anxiety and depression are the leading causes of mental illness.  We all will face good and bad times in our lives.  It's how we chose to handle these times that will make the difference.  I'm only 23 (24 in Nov), and will NOT let anxiety get me down.  I like to drink once in a while and party.  I'm going to school and live on my own.  I have a boyfriend of 7 years (2 really bad break ups but still holding on).  I consider myself "normal", and am not ashamed of my issue.  Everyone has issues whether they talk about them or not.  You would be suprised how much it really does help to open up though.  

Enough babbling, I just want to help because I remember the first few months I had to deal with it.  It's hard and will get better....promise.
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hey you`ve come to the right place. seeing as you have been checked out i shouldn worry to much, your first symptoms are typical of a panic attack, and seeing as the beta-blockers have helped should make you see that. as for your head symptoms there also typical anxiety symptoms, if you are truly still worried go back to your GP i have had the head stuff to, its weird but wont hurt you, try taking your mind off it, do anything jus try not to worry
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