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Anxiety Rash

HI! has anyone else ever experienced a red blotchy rash on their skin due to anxiety? This rash is literally ruining my life and my career. Whenever someone makes me feel any emotion whether its happy embarrassed uncomfortable etc my face turns bright red instantly and my neck and throat instantly get red blotches all over! It last's a good 30 mins. I used to take propranolol (beta blocker) which helped me tremendously! I never ever got the rash. Of course my body started getting used to it so I went from 10mg to 20 mg then are 40mg all my doctors said it was too strong to take because my blood pressure is already naturally low. I went thought a tough time not taking it anymore. My hands would shake constantly and the rash was recurring all day long! Any one have any suggestions on how to handle this? I found a video of a girl who went on a show similar to Dr Phil because of the same issue!
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I have periods of this. I believe from researching it myself that it's a form of social anxiety.
I have somehow recently managed to overcome it. I've gone from having the hot flushes in most social situations to now managing to be 'normal'. I thought it wasn't going to go away and I can honestly say it is a confidence thing and a vicious circle.... you're in a social situation, remember you're going to get all hot and there it comes - woosh, bright red face and chest.
The only thing that seems to have helped me is starting supplements (well I've been on them a while now) but that is all I can think of that's changed - I take evening primrose oil daily, L-lysine and a good multi-vitamin. I've also forced myself to be more social and tried to gain some control in those social situations. Like having a glass of water to keep me cool at my desk... the more I started to stop flushing / getting anxious, the less the hot flushes have appeared. I'm hoping I've seen the back of them for the foreseeable future.
Just a thought, do you tend to have anxiety and/or depression?
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Yes! I have this same thing. It’s so frustrating it’s really affecting all aspects of my life now. Im a critical care nurse so every time I have a tense situation it happens and everyone freaks out- it’s so embarrassing. I’ve been to several doctors and can’t seem to get a diagnosis. Have you had any luck since this post?
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