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Anxiety about Covid19 and illnesses

Please any one help me out. Does general anxiety really cause Physical symptoms?  Like I’m seriously nervous and full of panic I had my first panic attack two weeks ago and its extremely stressful.

I have like almost every symptom on the page. I feel like I’m losing my mind. My anxiety is so high. I've been dealing with Coronavirus anxiety so bad. I keep thinking in my mind all day everyday I have it. It never leaves my mind.

I even got tested and was negative, but still feel horrible anxiety. After anxiety physical symptoms, I cant breathe, headache, dizziness, like off balance, feels as if I am on boat, cramps throughout my body mostly in my arms and legs. My throat always feels itchy as if i am about get sore throat. I have diarrhea, I'm weak.

Please help me relax my mind. I feel as if I’m going nuts.
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Ahh, honey.  I understand.  It's scary.  And absolutely, we hyper focus on ourselves and we start to feel every little thing. And then our anxious brain starts applying it to what we are afraid of.  It's terrible.  And it all feels very real even if on some level we know it is our anxiety.  Sore throats happen.  Colds happen.  Viruses happen.  And you will probably be okay if you were to get covid 19 if we look at statistics and odds.  But I understand the fear.  I have it too.  Do you have anyone you can talk to professionally?  I know that a lot of therapists are doing virtual sessions right now to help people out.  
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thank u so much yes i have therapy and Psychiatrist its so scary i What it to go away
I understand.  Are you able to check in with your therapist or psychiatrist?  Since you seem to be having an increase of symptoms, this would be a good time to do that.
yes they know
Oh, that's good hon.  I think it really helps to check in and ask for some help right now.  I know my son did a virtual therapy session.   I don't' think it is quite the same but it is helpful.  Like just touching a calming base.  And do you take any medication for your anxiety?  
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Hello~You are welcome to read I blog that I posted on my page called "I had no idea there were so many Anxiety symptoms. WOW.  I think this will really help you. I have bad anxiety and panic and have lots of the symptoms. I hope you can relief soon, it is no fun having these symptoms.
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thank  u so much ill read it i just wana get better all the symptoms are scaring me
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Yes, severe anxiety like what you're describing can cause tons of physiological symptoms.  Or not. But given how you describe yourself, you need intervention, which I hope you can get somehow at least by the internet with a psychologist so you can begin working on what you do have, severe anxiety.  For the rest you've apparently seen a doctor, you're very lucky to have gotten tested, most Americans still can't get one, and it came out negative.  But the symptoms you're mentioning are ones that anxiety sufferers get.  They can also be symptoms of lots of other things, but again, you're come out and said you're having panic attacks and severe anxiety so that's the most likely problem here.  If a psychologist can't help you through therapy and relaxation techniques, at the level you're describing you might need to see a psychiatrist and get medication, your psychologist can tell you if that seems necessary.  In the meantime, do you know anyone who can teach you meditation and some breathing techniques to take the edge off a bit?  Are you able to exercise at all, that can help as well.  Do you have people you can talk to?  
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Thank you so much yeah I was wondering because I had my first panic attack two weeks ago and I never been the same ever since I’ve just been overall edgy just not feeling myself I work at a hospital so when I felt like I was having a few symptoms they gave me a test and it came back negative thank God does that’s what’s bothering me now is the coronavirus anxiety but I’m so scared now where I don’t even want to go back to work at the hospital which sucks because now you know I’m gonna lose his job but I think I should focus on trying to take care of my mental health and anything
Do you see a counselor now for a week now and a psychiatrist they diagnosed me with general anxiety but it’s just hard to believe that anxiety can cause so much several symptoms or even more
Is this the only time you've experienced this?  Because if it is, that does make it different than someone who has this kind of reaction to all sorts of pressures in life.  A lot of people who work in the medical profession are having a hard time right now, they are on the front lines of something nobody fully understands yet.  Epidemics are always hard on everyone, and very hard on those who have to take care of the sick.  So if it's something that happens to you often, that's one problem, and if this is the only time, that's a different problem.  That isn't actually generalized anxiety, that's an extreme reaction to a specific stress.  Neither is great to experience, but the latter if it helps you any is easier to treat than generalized anxiety disorder on a chronic basis is.  But whatever it is, yes indeed. severe anxiety is a real bear to have and can tear you down.  Get on top of it quickly, as it appears you are doing, it will help prevent it from becoming a chronic problem.  All the best.
i work in hospital as a housekeeper but i got really sick because of the fear of getting the virus 3 weeks ago i had my frist panic attacks from worrying about the virus so much in my head always thinking about it now i am scared to even go back to work because of it im so nervous to work i even wana quite the hospital yeah i was told my psychologist on phone i had genreal anxiety
i been out of work for 5 weeks i dont even wana go back to work i really don’t because my fear getting the virus passing it on to my 7 year old son i feel my family safty is more important tho its going be hard as i am only bread maker
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