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Anxiety and numbness and nausea

Does anyone get arm and leg numbness and feel nauseous I feel like I’m having a stroke sometimes then it goes away
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That sounds so uncomfortable! Anxiety precipitates this? When we get extremely anxious, we can go into fight or flight which is a base level reaction. It is what we have when we go into survival mode to save ourselves. So, like a basic part of us that we don't even think about. It is spurred on by our amygdala. When that happens, blood rushes to certain parts of our body. This can cause that tingling and numbness you are speaking of. Another physiological certainty is that practicing breathing at those times will help. Square breathing is a good way to do this and you have to think and do it at those times. Breath in slowly for three hold for three breath out slowly for 3 hold for 3 and repeat. This slows everything down and restores things. You can also open and close your hands forcefully which gets the blood flowing.

Nausea is also common and for the similar reasons. Deep breathing helps with this as well. https://www.healthline.com/health/anxiety/anxiety-nausea  

Overall, what can you do to cope better with anxiety? That might be the best question. When does this occur?
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