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Anxiety and tingling, burnign of hands and feet!

Can anxiety mimic symptoms like peripheral neuropathy:
tingling and feeling of burning of hands and feet?
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I believe it can.  I have similar symptoms but mine jump all over (leg, foot, shoulder, etc..).  Seems to be worse higher the anxiety level.  Has woken me up at night before.  Doing something calming before bed seems to help.
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It's amazing how anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms, isn't it?  Thanks for sharing that you have this too.  Do you take medication or do any therapy for anxiety or is this regular every day anxiety that you attribute this to?
Same here. I have had the tingling picking (paresthesia) on and off for 25+ years. I get it all over (feet, legs, back, face, etc). Higher stress (almost always family issues) make my symptoms spike- which causes my anxiety to spike. It's a vicious cycle. I 'm in the midst of a particularly high stress time, and sure enough, my paresthesia is in full gear. It stinks, but it's something that we have to deal with.
That's too bad.  Does this happen even if you are using medication for your anxiety?
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Hello, I’ve been having horrible pins and needles in my fingers and sometimes my feet, I’m fearing the worst like MS! I’m just wondering if it’s because of my horrible anxiety?
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I'm a skeptic on this post -- don't see how anxiety can cause these kinds of feelings.  But MS is going a bit far.  A lot of this sounds like pinched nerves, which is way more common that some of the more severe things people are talking about here.  Can be so many things, even sleeping in a way that causes it.  But I have a hard time seeing how anxiety can cause these symptoms.  Who knows?
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I know anxiety can mimic a lot of things, I’ve had all sorts from anxiety. The pins and needles is new for me tho and numbness in my face, I just wanted to see if I was the only one! Thanks for your reply
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