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Anxiety attacks

Are there any over the counter meds that I can take daily at home for anxiety attacks. I have at least two attacks every day, but I have no insurance to go to a doctor for a prescription med. please help :(
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There are natural remedies you can try, but don't think they're any less expensive than seeing a psychiatrist and taking prescription meds.  Most prescription meds are generics, and if you have insurance they cost almost nothing.  You also have a problem that would usually require you to first find out if there's any physiological cause for the problem, such as blood sugar or thyroid problems.  Lots of things can cause anxiety attacks.  Then there's therapy, the only possible cure.  For all of these things, if you are in fact without monetary resources, there are gov't programs available.  I assume you're in the US, so another question is, given the Affordable Care Act requires you to have insurance, you're paying a fine for not having it whereas it also expanded aid for those who can't afford insurance, so now's the best time in the history of the US to get insurance if you're in fact poor.  So is there a reason you have no insurance?  At any rate, there are also community health centers for those without resources.  If you do want to try natural techniques, such as natural relaxants, know that it's complicated and not inexpensive and you'd probably still need a professional to help you as you don't know anything about it and none of them take insurance.  So the cheapest thing to do is see a therapist on gov't aided insurance and see if you can't work on it and figure out a plan.
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I meant to add, a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA, can help you get an overview of how to use natural remedies to help.  As for drugs, there's not much out there that's truly strong enough to fight a panic attack, but learning how to meditate and breathing exercises and the like can help a lot, but again, you have to pay to learn how to do it generally.
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Honestly one doctor told me one time that benedryl would ease the anxiety.  I know that it does because my very first panic attack I went to the E. R And for whatever reason they thought I was having a bad allergic reaction to something and gave me an IV with benedryl.  I'd definitely say it isn't something you want to use all the time.  But if you get a bad panic attack that you can't seem to calm it should definitely not hurt to try some.  The recommended dose of course.
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The above is true -- some allergy meds are very sedating.  Some are also highly stimulating, so know the difference.  But the one thing to be careful about is that the sedating allergy meds can make you very sleepy, so be careful about driving until you find out if that happens.  They're much better known for helping people sleep than actually cutting anxiety.  The problem is, they aren't free, either.  Again, if you are truly poor and can get free insurance or close to free, the drugs if generic are almost free.  But in the US, nothing is for free on the drugstore shelf or the health food store, so you might as well get insurance or find someone with the financial means to help you, perhaps in your family, so you can afford whatever modality of treatment is the best for you, which might be just therapy, or just natural medicine, or whatever.  Good luck.
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If you do see a doctor and get prescription medication go to goodrx.com.  It will show you the cheapest pharmacies in your area and you can print out a coupon to take with you.  If you belong to a Sam's club or the like you can actually get some meds for free.  And although I'm not a big Walmart fan, they are usually pretty cheap.
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But remember, cheap pharmacies are only important if you lack insurance.  If you have health insurance, generics are always cheap, and even at Walmart if it's not a generic it's going to be expensive.  Again, if this person is actually poor as claimed, and we don't know if that's true or not, insurance is now required in the US and for people without means it's basically free.  
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