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Anxiety causing a problem with family and friends?


Well my doctor moved my appointment tomorrow, i'm gonig to confess everything to him. I hope this time he sees I have a problem, in which he can give me some relief medication of some sort. Well I can't say how lonely I feel right now. I'm getting on everyones nerves now, with all my problems that they're just fed up hearing about it. I ring my brother sometimes and he just sighs and puts the phone down, one time he said "it's just one problem after another with you, get a grip of yourself". My freinds are offering to go for a drink and stuff and am just not interested, all I seem to care about is myself, I just feel lost inside myself. I haven't really told my friends about this, I find it difficult to tell them. I visited my mother and father the other day and they where saying just calm down and everything will be ok, I explain it's difficult. They just don't seem to understand what am saying and think it's all an atention gimmick. When really am asking for help, because am scared. Am sitting on my chair with my blanket wrapped around me, sort of shedding tears. Now I just feel awful, I just feel weak and alone. It's not normal for me to cry, but this has really taken it's toll on me. The symptoms are getting worst and my anxiety is raising. Is it possible to have both anxiety and depression? I just want someone to talk to, I feel am loosing my mind, sitting here on my own. I'm not happy anymore either, my facial expression has turned pernamantley sad. Some have said you've gone pale. Lately all I seem to do is moan as well according to friends. What is happening, am not going in to depression am I?

How do I explain this to my family and friends? I don't want them to make a fuss about me or anything, I just want them to know there is something wrong with me. Help, if you have experienced this or if there are existing threads on this forum or any other websites which offer help I would be happy to recieve those.
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just want to start off saying that i am sorry you feel so bad. i am in the same boat that you are with the anxiety. to answer your question, yes most people that have anxiety also develope depression along with it. i am one of them and i have many friends that also have anxiety and depression. so i dont want you to feel alone on this one. i am trying zoloft for my anxiety and dpression. i have only been on it for six days so it hasnt done any good yet but im hopeful. maybe you should talk to your dr about getting on anti-depressants and an anxiety medicine.
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