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Anxiety chest pains

Well I have anxiety and depression also I have high blood pressure I have my own mentor for my high blood pressure and its at a normal level and I'm on meds for that but what's really been bothering me is this chest pains I been having I jus want to the Dr couple of weeks ago everything came back fine but I woke up this morning with the sharp pains in my chest by my heart its scary but I know its anxiety because I had this before and went to the ER and got blood work EGK and xray of my chest and heart and I was fine anxiety makes me think everything is wrong with me and matter of fact anxiety is probably the reason I have the high blood pressure just very scared have any one experience chest pains from anxiety ????
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Chest pains are very common with anxiety. Trust me, I am the poster child.  ;-)   Thank the Lord I have pretty much gotten over it. One important thing to know is that cardiac-related chest pain is not sharp, such as you describe. It's almost certainly muscle tension or a tender muscle. My cardiologist prescribed a beta blocker for my high blood pressure, and said it would help my anxiety too, which it did. For what it's worth, I take Coreg 20mg 2x/day. It has made a big difference for me. You might ask your doc about it. God bless you!
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