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Anxiety dreams??

Hi guys, iv recently been experiencing strange feelings of anxiety/panic while im sleeping..let me explain..
i suffer from anxiety and am on meds etc.. on a few occasions recently i have gone to bed..and EVENTUALLY fallen asleep..after some time i sort of wake up..but its like im dreaming at the same time.. during these dreams i will replay events of the previous day in my head and will imagine that i have done loads of things wrong and made loads of mistakes (regarding work or college asingments for example). my mind then goes into overdrive trying to fugure out how to "fix" everything iv done wrong (even though i havnt actually done anything wrong) and i begin to feel "guilty" about lying in bed sleeping..what is this?
That was kind of a ramble..its hard to explain..
im just wondering has anyone ever heard of this before..is it normal for anxiety sufferers? this has only really started lately...

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thanx for the advice..winding down is something i find almost impossible to do! im working on it though.. iv always found it difficult to unwind and am generally tense and worrying about something.
i just dont like the idea of my anxiety attacking me in my sleep. i find it hard to get to sleep most nights (even with sleep meds) and now im starting to wake feeling anxious. oh well.
as for the sleep meds..i took one and still managed to run 8 laps of a running track!! (i forget i had taken it). i dont know what is best...to do things like running that may natuarry tire me out..or to do something totally "relaxing"..neither seems to work.
trial and error i guess.
JSGeare..is that some really boring book?
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Go buy a copy of "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" by Jean Shepherd. Read it in bed before nodding off.

Problem solved.

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Yes, this is quite normal...and I've experienced this pretty often myself when my anxiety has gotten the better of me.

YEARS and YEARS ago when I was a waitress....I used to dream about work every single night after my shift...I swear, I used to remember all the little things I had forgotten that night...the side of mayo someone asked for...the extra tomatoes, extra cream for coffees, refill on a Pepsi...you name it.  It was quite stressful...but at the same time I realized it was just my stressed mind working thru things.  In my dreams...I didnt always resolve all of these little issues...but sometimes I did.

Weird huh?

Maybe try something relaxing before bed?  Hot bath?  Cup of hot decaf tea?  Reading a soothing book or watching something funny on TV?  I know back when...my doc said a lot of times that will happen if we haven't given ourselves proper time to "un-wind" before going to sleep.  The need to switch gears from work, etc....to down time.

Hope that helps a bit!
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