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Anxiety fact or fiction

I was recently diagnosed as having anxiety.  This diagnosis did not appear to come from anything other than a label, for not really knowing what my issue is.  The doctor's ran multiple tests (blood, urine, stress, ekg, etc...) and everything was fine, except for the fact that I had high BP, heart rate, and was very dizzy.  

I have never had a panic attack, I do not suffer from stress, and my life is really pretty good.  So I baffled that a diagnosis of anxiety was attached to my problem.

I have yet to this day, been able to get a straight answer from any doctor, nurse, or medical professional, as to why or how this happens.  All they want to do is prescribe me drugs to mask the symptoms, instead if resolving the issue.

Is there anyone out there who actually has some solid advice for people with my reported issues?
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We're not docs here, but then, you've seen docs and, well, sometimes they're pretty clueless.  My position is, if you don't feel irrational fears, you don't suffer from anxiety (I said irrational -- rational fear is useful).  If you don't feel emotionally anxious, you're not anxious.  When docs can't easily find the reason for how you feel physically it's just very easy to diagnose you with a mental disorder and sedate you.  Now, I have no idea what you have going on -- it's still possible you feel anxious or stressed and just haven't copped to it -- but given what you've said here, I'd find another doc and keep looking or try a different modality, such as natural medicine.  Now, I will ask, is this a continuing problem, or did it just happen once?  Having high BP at a doctor's office is pretty common just from the stress of having to go see a doctor.  It doesn't mean you have it at home.  Same can be true of heart rate.  Dizziness can make a person feel disoriented and anxious, and that can elevate BP and heart rate as well especially if you're not athletic and don't meditate or do some other regular relaxation practice that keeps your body on an even keel even when you're not.  I'd keep looking for the answer and not accept the anxiety diagnosis based on you not feeling anxious.
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Thanks for the feedback.

I have tried a few natural supplements, and they work well for a short time frame.  My main concern is more directed towards the why and the how.

Why did this happen?  How can I resolve it?

As I stated earlier, I have never experienced a Panic Attack before, but if that is what I had, it was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced.  This happened on two separate occasions about a month ago.  I have had a few milder bouts with it since as well.  

My doctor actually said that I should stop taking the supplements and prescribed me Xanax and Zoloft.  At that time, I decided to be a little more forceful with him and asked if there could be anything else causing this, like my BP, which originally he said was high due to the anxiety.  So, he reviewed my records again and decided to prescribe metoprolol in a low dose.

I have been taking the metoprolol and immediately noticed that the anxiety symptoms faded by 80%, but I was now experiencing tingling in my feet, legs, fingers, and forehead, along with pin pricks in the same locations.  The nurse said that this could be due to the new meds, or from anxiety.

So I am now no closer to figuring this out then I was before.

This is very frustrating.
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Panic attacks aren't the only way anxiety manifests itself.  You can feel very anxious and uncomfortable emotionally in a chronic way without getting panic attacks.  Your last post leaves me more confused -- do you feel anxious or not?  
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By the way, beta blockers are often used for anxiety sufferers, mostly for social phobias, so the fact you say it decreased the anxiety you at first seemed to say you don't suffer would make some sense if in fact you are having bouts of anxiety.  But just because you feel anxious or even have a bout of high BP doesn't necessarily mean medication is indicated -- usually that's for chronic problems.  There are other ways to treat it first before medication is necessary, such as dietary changes for moderate and episodic BP problems and relaxation exercises and exercise.  You still have to learn if you have a physiological problem and how serious that problem is and how you desire to treat it if it isn't life threatening.
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