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Anxiety for a number of days after a few beers?

Hello all, new to the community, 26 year old male here,recently I learned that I have anxiety, Let me start by saying I do not smoke and literally drink maybe 6 times per year (only a few beers, I'm a lightweight + I'm just not a big fan of alchohol) so fast forward to last Sunday night, I had 3 and a half beers and immediately I was throwing up, from Monday all the way til now (Friday) I am having a nausea feelin. And knots in my stomach, I can eat anything solid because I end up just throwing it up :/ , only thing I've been able to eat these last 5 days has been jello and ice pops, whenever my stomach gets the butterflies and I feel like I have to throw up I go walking and it helps, but then when I stop it pretty much comes back. So my questions is has anyone gone through a 5+ day alchohol induced anxiety attack? This is like hell week.. I feel like it's sorta gotten better but just barely ! I've tried pedialye ,Pepto,none of it works really. I've taken a ton of showers because it helps my stomach for the moment. Do I just try really really hard to eat real food now because I'm not trying to loose any more weight than I probably have.I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, but I'm just tired of the
Butterflies and light stomach ache all day. An slight dizziness feeling as well. I told myself I will never drink again as this has been horrible. I still cannot believe only 3.5 beers from someone that hardly drinks would cause this much symptoms , anyways any advice would be great , I feel somewhat alone even no my girlfriend is motivating me along the way.
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Are you sure it was the alcohol?  It sounds like something else to me.  What did you eat that day?
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  Alcohol is not the answer to anything, and your body is trying to tell you this. It can affect your mood, dehydrate you and cause severe anxiety. If you still want to drink socially know this. An adult male metabolizes alcohol at the rate of one cocktail, or beer an hour. So if you over indulge you will feel it.
  Don't EVER make the mistake that I made. I went to my doctor and told him about the anxiety but failed to mention the alcohol. The deadly combo of tranquiliers and alcohol landed me in rehab where I went through hell.
  Better to educate yourself about alcohol and your body (and mind) and go from there. Know your limit. I'm not going to preach abstinence but always listen to your body. Alcohol can ruin a person so be careful with it. It's benefits are few.
  If your anxiety persists, see your doc but never mix it with a pill. Good luck to you.
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