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Anxiety jaw pain or something else?

I have been having weird jaw and teeth discomfort that radiates up to my temple, cheek and sometimes my neck. The pain isn't constant, but around every ten seconds I feel pressures all around my jaw and from underneath my teeth.
The thing that worries me is that there is no cause for it. I can go a few hours without feeling anything and then suddenly the discomfort will be there.
I used to catch myself clenching my teeth a lot, but i don't do that anymore.
I fear that it is heart related but the doctor did a ECG and a blood test on me and all was fine.

Here are my other symptoms that i have had. (I am currently only experiencing chest pain and jaw pain)
.chest discomfort (mild pressing feeling)
.aches all over my body (mainly arms and feet)
.heart beating too hard
.irregular heart beat
.twitching muscles
.tingling all over my body (arms mainly)
.acid stomach
.gassy pains

I think that my jaw and chest pains are caused by gas because one time I was walking in town and I felt like I had to burp. and when i did i felt i weird pain in my jaw and chest.

I have had anxiety problems in the past such as
When i was in school assembly i had a massive panic attack because i thought i needed to pee. i freaked out and left the assembly and as soon as i left i felt fine. now every time i go into assembly i always have to go to the toilet
Also one time i felt like i needed to go to to toilet all the time (like every 15 minutes) i thought i had a bladder infection.

I had nausea for about 2 days then that stopped. (never vomited)
For a few days I felt like I was not far off fainting. (never fainted)
my chest pain has mainly been on the far left.
my gland on the right side of my neck is really swollen.
I sometimes get pain in my low abdomen.
I am not sure whether my jaw pain is TMJ or something else.(I do clench my teeth alot)
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I feel the jaw pain all over my jaw like underneath my chin, not just by the joint.
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Yes, you could have TMJ. Have your wisdom teeth came in yet? If they have'nt that might be causing the jaw pain. See your dentist about the teeth and jaw pain.
You're having symptoms of anxiety. Most of us that have it also have stomach issues. Chest pain is a very common anxiety symptom too.
I know you're seen your Dr for tests but have they mentioned possible anxiety?
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