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Anxiety killing my life and relations...pls help!!!

Hi Friends,

I hv anxiety and stress issues from last 4 months. I thought i have contracted hiv virus after possible exposures.but i have tested negative twice in 3 month marks but still my anxiety is not coming to rest. Still i am
Experiencing below symptoms
1- shortness of breath
2- soar throat
3- burning tonge and yellow stuff everyday.
4- sensation in body
5- heart beating like someone playing drumps in my body.
5- pain in palms of hands and legs
6- mild headache
7- fatigue and tiredness
I dont know how to get rid of these problems and how to isolate anxiety issue with my hiv negative results. Please help
Me to know if anxiety can cause all such symptoms or how to get rid of such symptoms.
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Are you having anxiety over HIV? Because I can assure you that you are negative. 3 months is 100%.

To answer your question anxiety can cause a million symptoms.  Only one I'm not sure about is yellow stuff? What do you mean?

I sometimes think I have symptoms but not sure if I'm really having them and think we'll maybe it is just all in my head. And it usually it.

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I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms. This is probably not what you want to hear but this is the most necessary thing you ought to do. Have yourself checked by a doctor. Yes all those can be symptoms of anxiety and evidently we can assume that you are suffering from health anxiety. But for assurance it is pivotal that you get yourself diagnosed. A clinician will be able to provide you with the proper treatment and therapy that you  will need on dealing with your condition. :)
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