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Anxiety or Heart Issues

I have some symptoms going on and I just wanted to see if I was alone or if anyone has any idea as to what is going on with me. So, about 3 years ago, I woke from a dead sleep and I was dizzy and out of it and chest pain. I was nauseous and going to the bathroom a lot. My husband took me to the ER. Everything checked out fine and they sent me home but they symptoms didn't stop. I would go through phases where my legs would hurt, my chest, I would be faint and nauseous. I went to my PCP and he ran some tests but came up with nothing. I went to a cardiologist, everything was normal. I went to a neurologist and had an MRI, everything was fine. No one could give me answers. I felt like I was being passed around by my PCP from specialist to specialist with no answers. So, when the symptoms stopped, I stopped pushing. well, about 8 months later I got pregnant. everything was fine. no problems. Well, yesterday I was at my mom's to pick my son up from her house (he's almost 2 now) and I started with the chest pains. I felt out of it and dizzy and couldn't catch my breath and nauseous. Once I got home, I went to lay down and eventually the symptoms subsided. One thing to note is that I was on my period when I had both of these episodes (not sure if this is related). I messaged my same PCP last night to let him know I had another episode.. his suggestion was ER. I let him know this morning that I didn't go to the ER and that could this be hormonal since my period is the only thing that is consistent in these 2 episodes. he said call OBGYN. So, he really isn't helping and I plan to call. I just want to see if ANYONE has an idea of what this could be or anyone in the same boat??

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On this site, women have written in before about getting this kind of symptom in association with a particular time in their menstrual month. For women who *take* progesterone for a medical reason, the side effects can be dizziness, lightheadedness, and fainting when getting up too quickly from a lying position. But I think I remember the descriptions from people here also having to do with nausea. Do talk to your ob/gyn; maybe describe in advance of your appointment what seems to be happening and ask about it being associated with your cycle, so the doctor will have time to look it up [if doctors do that]. It could also be a combination of anemia and the change in progesterone during your cycle. Worth checking with the ob/gyn for sure.
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