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Anxiety or Sroke symptom?

Hello everyone my name is gerard and for the past couple of days ive been feeling very anxious... i feel like sometimes out of nowhere i smile or my face contracts... last night was the worst i was talking to my cousin and all of a sudden my voice kind of slowed down... i naturally went into a panic attack and afterwards i felt this burning sensation on my skin on the right side of my head... it was the first time this ever happened and i was so scared for my life... it stayed on for about two hours then one of my good friends kind of kept me calm through all this and got my mind preoccupied and i felt better... the burning stopped and i went to bed... but idk if this was anxiety or if its a sign of stroke and its really stressing me...
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Could be a combination of things, please see your doctor and tell them what you said here, so you can get this all cleared up and be healthy.

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It could be anxiety but I think a visit to your dr for a physical is a good idea.  Tell him/her your symptoms and also ask to have a full bloodwork up.

If everything comes back fine then it might help to ease your mind.  I would then suggest you see a therapist to deal with the anxiety.

I hope everything works out well for you.
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