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Anxiety or much worse?

For a few years now I've developed many phobias, I'm afraid of large groups of people, I'm afraid of large open spaces, I'm afraid of confrontation ect when ever I am in an environment where these phobias come into place I start having panic attacks I find it hard to breathe, I begin to get severe headaches aswell as chest pains and cramps. The only way I can get these pains to stop is if I am in a small confined space like a public toilet or a small room, it is at this time when my panic attacks begin to fade. I do often find that I develop new fears quite easily.

I also find it very difficult to relate to people, I find it difficult to understand people and what they are saying to me, I can't process the information they are telling me and I usually give them the impression that I have some sort of mental disability which I am sure I don't. Having this problem makes it hard to keep stable relationships for instance I haven't had a legitimate friend since Highschool and no matter how hard I try I just can't understand anything about anybody. I do have the occasional mood swing, I can become very angry with myself and I can become very aggressive and annoyed. I don't know if this is just a stage in my life or if its much more physiological, I'd appreciate a professionals advice if possible.

I am 18 years of age if this matters at all.
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Hi. Anxiety and/or depression can cause us to have irrational fears, and the open spaces sounds like a trigger and a small room is your safe place. We all have triggers and safe places where we feel better.  It also sounds like you have some social anxiety, and the anxiety alone when trying to converse with others can cause brain fog.......or your inability to understand what is being said.  I think it would be wise to see your doctor for a thorough check-up to rule out other causes, and if all is well, see a psychiatrist. I recommend a psychiatrist because they are most knowlegable if medication is needed and can refer you to the proper therapist.  We hear from a lot of teens dealing with issues like this, so know you're not alone, and know there is lots of help for you.  It's wonderful that you recognize there's a problem and by addressing it now, you can look forward to being able to understand people, process what they're saying and not have the mood swings.  Sharing with us is a big step in getting better, and seeing a professional will get you on track.  I hope this helps, and know we're always here to talk, share or support you.
Best wishes and take care!
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I also think getting help can assist you in understanding what you are going through.  Anxiety is an extremely confusing and scary process to go through in my experience...especially in the beginning.  Do you have access to a counselor?  For me, it helped tremendously.  Also, realize that you are not alone in this.  So many people go through this at one point in your life.  I would also suggest searching for an anxiety group that meets on a normal basis.  I actually go to an anxiety group just to learn more about it and share my experiences with others.  There are people there with social anxiety and I am amazed how far they have progressed as they have learned to recognize it and confront it.  

You are young and have a lot to look forward to....you will get through this and in my opinion, become a better person for it even if you don't recognize that right now.  Try to be patient with this even though I know it is extremely difficult to do.  I believe anxiety is like any other subject you are learning about in school.  The more you learn about it, the better you become with it.  Anxiety is no different; in my experience, the fear starts to subside with the correlation of us gaining more knowledge about it and why we think the way we do...keep us posted!
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What you are feeling is common with people who have anxiety problems.
There is a program you can try that will help. " Attacking Anxiety and Depression"
I am going through this program myself and am willing to help you. You can try the
program free for 30 days however, it is expensive if you decide to keep it. There are
skills that address your particular problems.

If you are interested, I will be your mentor and offer you help when you need it.
let me know.
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