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Anxiety over recent HIV exposure risk

Hi...I'm new to the forum. I 've been suffering with terrible anxiety over a recent oral sex encounter with another man and my possible exposure to HIV...I'm at 11 days past the exposure (which I've been told isn't really an exposure because it's oral in nature, and highly unlikely to infect me), but I just can't beat the feeling that something is really wrong, that I'm going to get HIV...my ONLY symptom is swollen lymph glands in various parts of my body, but, as I've stated, I'm only 11 days past exposure, would lymph nodes swell that quick ? Is this the anxiety taking hold ? I take 2mg of clonazepam every night to sleep (this has been going on for years, I can't shut my mind off once it starts racing about anything), but even that isn't helping me sleep lately, so I'm very tired and irritable...somebody PLEASE help me. Thanks in advance...
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You had NO RISK for HIV and DO NOT need to test.

You DO have risks for STD's and should test for those.

Your swollen nodes are almost certainly from an infection that was brewing before your exposure. Right now your biggest concern is getting a grip on your anxiety.

For further questions about HIV related questions, please post those to our HIV Prevention Forum.
Concerns about STD's should be posted to the STD Forum and Anxiety related issues are dealt with here. I know, it CAN get a bit confusing!
Try to relax. You do not have HIV
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Can you recommend any method to control anxiety ?Thank you for your guidance ;-)
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Just to be clear, there wasn't any infection brewing before my exposure due to any kind of sexual risk taking...this oral sex exposure I'm referring to that took place on April 17th is the ONLY risky behavior I have committed since the early to mid 90s, and I've been tested 3 times since then...all negative. Once at a clinic after all risky behavior was behind me, once when I got married the begining of '08, and once 3 years ago when my wife and I were having some trouble getting pregnant...so I was clean as a whistle up until April 17th 2015. So any infection that might have been brewing would be something from everyday life, not risky sexual behavior, because there wasn't any. I've NEVER had unprotected or protected anal sex with a man or a transgendered person, after my first test in the 90s I was in monogamous relationships where I didn't cheat or engage in any risky sexual behavior (and was tested and clean in 2008 ), and no risky behavior since '08 until 2015, April 17th. Also, I've NEVER used drugs other than prescription ones supplied by a doctor, and NEVER IV drugs.
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