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Anxiety with chest pains?

Been having severe discomfort in my chest for 4 days straight. Went to the urgent care and they said I was just having a panic attack and that it would subside.Of course I was having a panic attack, it feels like im dying at i hate doctors visits. But because this has lasted 4 whole days i feel like it is something else. It also feels like i have trouble getting a full breath in. I am a 19 year old female.
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So, you went to an urgent care which was the smart thing to do as having chest pains is something to first make sure you are not having a cardiac event.  At 19, that would be unlikely but not impossible, so glad you were checked out.  Panic attacks DO cause what you describe and yes, they do feel like you are dying. They are truly miserable!!  But here is the good news . . .   panic disorder under the umbrella of anxiety disorder is treatable!!  I think you need to go to your regular doctor and explain what is happening.  They can refer you to a psychiatrist and/or give you names of psychologists you can begin seeing.  I know that sounds a bit daunting but it is the best way to get a handle on this.  Know that you will NOT die from a panic attack, it just feels bad.  Deep breath, breath in for a count of three, hold, breath out for a count of three, hold, and repeat.  This calms you down.  Open and close your fists which keeps your circulation going and also clams you in panic moments.  I would start a journal to take with you to the doctor in which you job down what happens directly before a panic attack to look for triggers if there are any.  Or any sort of pattern.  Are you under your parents insurance still?
I am already seeing someone for my anxiety, and am on medication. This is the first time I've experiened something this severe.
It sounds very uncomfortable, for sure.  Sorry you suffered that.  How long have you been on medication?  And if it is not controlling your panic attacks, they can switch medications to a different choice to see if it works better or add something to your current med to help.  Do you journal at all to try to see a pattern?  
And I do think it sounds like a panic attack.  :>)
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It's unlikely a panic attack per se, as that wouldn't last 4 days, but it could be a high amount of anxiety.  Are you feeling more anxious than usual?  Is it possible you tweaked something exercising or reaching for something?  Does it go away when you're distracted enough to not be thinking anxious thoughts?  And have you followed up with your regular doc for a more thorough check up if you're that concerned?  Anxiety can cause a whole lot of symptoms, and it doesn't have to be a full-fledged anxiety attack, and the longer we live under the stress of chronic anxiety the more our bodies start to hurt.  Are you seeking treatment for your chronic anxiety, say in therapy?  
I am seeing someone regularly for my anxiety, and I'm taking medication for it. I normally only have general anxiety and when I do have what I assume are panic attacks, they never cause me physical pain. I don't really have very much stress on me right now the only thing I can think of is my sleep schedule, I've gone from sleeping for 10 hours and waking up exhausted to more recently 3-6 hours and being unable to fall back asleep. Also the night before this started happening I got only around an hour of sleep. I am normally not very physically active, the only thing I've done recently is carry some 50lb bags of softening salt downstairs and fill them into the softener. I am worried that I may be stuck in a loop as, I have a general feeling of discomfort, but it becomes worse when I think about it. It is the begining of day 5 and I am still experiencing symptoms, though they seem mild for now.
If you're not physically active and you're an anxiety sufferer, well, unless injuries are stopping you it really helps.  But lifting that sack, did it start after that?  That's exactly the kind of thing that can cause what you're feeling, especially if you're not physically fit.
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