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Anxious about nothing?

Recently I have been feeling very anxious, and when I try to think of things that I could be anxious about nothing comes to mind. It happens quite often, and it makes me very uncomfortable. It happens at random times and I don't know what it means. I feel extremely anxious and there is no reason behind it, and it usually lasts somewhere between half an hour to two hours. I never know when it's going to happen until it's happening. Any ideas on what this could be/ how to solve this problem?
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It's not attached to anything?  Anxiety is irrational thinking, but it's usually attached to something.  That something might be, say, driving despite never having been bothered about it ever before -- anxiety does seem to come out of nowhere for most of us -- but you seem to be saying it's not attached to any thoughts or activities.  Is that true?
No it doesn't seem to be attached to anything. I could just be sitting there watching tv and all of a sudden I start feeling really anxious. Other times I could be doing homework and it comes back. Or I could even be trying to sleep and it comes back again. That's why I am really confused as to why it's happening.
My guess is it's something, but it could be something physical as well.  Have you reported this to your doctor?  But the nature of it sounds like something is bothering you you're not aware of or are suppressing.
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Paxiled has some good points.  One of the challenges of anxiety is to try and find the triggers.  I agree about seeing your doctor for a physical; never hurts to make sure all cylinders are firing as they should be.

One of my weirdest anxiety triggers is not being able to sleep.  My fatigue feeds it, and it can quickly become a cycle.  Are you exercising?  How are your eating/drinking water habits?  Do you drink a lot of caffeine?  All of these things can impact anxiety levels.  

Hang in there!  Call your doctor; a co-pay can be a small price to pay for peace of mind.
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This is called free-floating anxiety and it's a common symptom of anxiety and especially anxiety disorders such as GAD. The best thing to do is rather than search for a cause for your anxiety, try to focus on more productive thoughts and actions. Let the anxiety be there without taking over your life.
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