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Anybody else get crazy panic attacks just after falling asleep?

It doesn't happen every night, but last night was really bad for me. I must have had over 12 attacks while trying to go to sleep. I'm actually a quadriplegic, so I thought it was something related to my injury, but I have been unable to find anything about it. It actually feels like someone is punching me or like my body is on ice-fire, heart beating very quickly and the feeling like someone has injected me with adrenaline. Sometimes, I wake up gasping sure that someone is moving me. Any help would be much appreciated. I don't have any problem going to sleep, but staying asleep is hard. I also don't have any other anxiety or panic attack issues or depression. Most nights, I listen to an audiobook which puts me to sleep in under five minutes (sometimes, under 90 seconds). I'm missing a thyroid, so I take medicine for that, but apart from that I don't take anything on the regular. I also don't smoke, drink, use any kind of drugs or eat meat.
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If you don't regularly think anxious thoughts and have irrational fears, you probably don't have an anxiety problem, but there's a lot of things you might have.  I'd probably talk to my doc and I'd also make sure my thyroid medication didn't need to be adjusted -- it's very hard to get this right.  It could be something that's bugging you that happened recently to trigger this that you're not thinking about but that's bugging you.  But it could be too many things and so I'd say see a doc and see your endocrinologist and see if something's up physiologically first.  It could also be some other medication problem -- I've had a problem staying asleep for years since I stopped an antidepressant -- it just destroyed my brain's ability to stay asleep.  
Thanks for the response. So sorry about your sleeping issues. That must be so rough.
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I have suffered with anxiety for 6 years and have had something similar to what you described for a number of them. You just jolt up all of a sudden, as if someone has poured water on you right? I would see a doctor just to be sure and to quell your anxiety, but i can assure you this has been happening to me for years and there is nothing seriously wrong with me. So i wouldn't worry :)
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