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Anyone else with Anxiety, esp Health Anxiety always taking their Vitals?

Hi Guys,
I am going through a rough anxiety time once again. I have GAD, panic disorder and Health Anxiety. The HA seems to be at its absolute worst now. I have become obsessed with taking my Pulse Ox, Temp, and Blood Pressure. ALL THE TIME. i swear, i take it 40-50 times a day. If i feel feverish, which i have, i will take my temp and if its a bit higher than i have a deadly infection and i freak out, i also freak out if its lower than normal because then to me i have hypothermia and gonna die also. Same with BP. If its just a little too low or a little too high i absolutely panic!!! Anyone else ever go through this or are still going through this. I see my PCP on Wed and will tell her also and she is going to examine me and run a load of tests. Thank you everyone!
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I was taking my temperature and blood pressure more often also. It is like an addiction because for me if its good i feel better. . If its not i feel worse. Our temp goes up and down all the time relax. Get your mnd on something else. You are okay. Just breathe
. You cannot die from  high temp anyway. Dr will help you. The blood pressure is crazy for me because i didnt believe that my bp could be normal so i ordered another machine. But i stopped now. There are many good therapists out there but just know you are not alone. It will be okay.
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Anxiety is tricky.  The checking over and over would be something you 'think' would make you feel better but it actually just activates the need more.  What about seeing a therapist?  
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You just need to do proper medication and try to relax your mind. I hope you will be get well soon.
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Oh my gosh, I really feel for you sweetie.  So hard!!  You are really suffering.  Health anxiety is a real thing.  Your check and rechecking and panicking and needing to check again are all part of the anxiety, as you know.  Anxiety IS the infection.  :>)  You need to treat that just like you would any other illness.  When anxiety starts interfering with our life this way, and checking over and over 40 to 50 times a day is interfering, it is very out of control.  I am sure you feel terrible as that is like a roller coaster of emotion.  Nothing satisfies the anxiety, right?  

So, what to do about anxiety.  Do you have healthcare coverage or insurance?  Do you have a regular doctor?  Start there if you have these.  That's how most healthcare works that you start with your primary.  Some will go ahead and begin treating you or refer you right away to a psychiatrist.  Your level of impact from anxiety is pretty severe from what you've written so you may want to consider a psychiatrist.  And talk therapy will be essential.  CBT is the gold standard. Cognitive Behavior therapy can be tremendously effective at overcoming this.  It helps correct irrational thinking. Medication may be needed if you and your doctor agree about that.  But the bottom line is that anxiety is treatable.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/always-worried-about-your-health-you-may-be-dealing-with-health-anxiety-disorder  and this article is helpful. https://adaa.org/learn-from-us/from-the-experts/blog-posts/consumer/health-anxiety-what-it-and-how-beat-it

You are not alone.  I have health anxiety too.  hugs
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You need a psychologist, not a PCP.  You need therapy.  If you need medication because it's out of control, you'll need a psychiatrist.  Your health anxiety is probably part of your panic disorder.  People with panic disorder, which I have, can become phobic to pretty much anything.  It spreads if you don't learn to stop thinking the way you're thinking.  If therapy works, probably CBT, you will be better.  But if it's so bad you don't function, you'll probably be sent to a psychiatrist for medication to mitigate it.  If this current bout is new and related to covid, get in line -- even people who never had this problem are having it.  But for you, with the GAD and the panic disorder, health anxiety is just a part of those things.  Anxious people look for things to be anxious about, and unless we can stop doing that we keep doing it.  Peace.
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