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Attchment Related Anxiety. Some insight from a doctor?

Hi there,

I have been talking with  new physch and we have brought up the subject of disorganised attachment.
She said it is highly likely and what she see's as the underlying cause of all of my anxiety, which makes sense to me. But I have done some research and I am wondering what the difference is between disorganised attachment and personality disorder? Is disorganised attachment classed as a personality disorder of borderline or something? I don't know much about personality disorders but it as come up under the same subject as attachment issues when doing a bit of research.

And if it is classed as the same thing, can it be more easily changed? As I wasn't born that way like with any significant chemical distortions in my brain, and I don't have a family history of personality disorders that I know of. what I have been shown is that the attachment issues/possibly personality issues is something I have learnt whilst growing up. I do believe I have like an 'anxiety or hypersensitive-gene' that I was probably born with as my mum has always been anxious use to have panic attacks, and my dad is highly emotional.

I'd love some insight if anybody has any expertise on the subject... I hate being in the dark! Please share your thoughts..

Thanks so much!

Kirsty x
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I did look at your profile and see you are from Australia.  The only place I can refer to that may be like your Australia is Hawaii, and I used to winter there every year and do have to say that the photo and art opportunities are at a premium there and possibly also in your country.  I was just reading about what the "experts" are saying about recovery now and most say that having a hobby that you love is half the battle.  

Carl G Jung says the The Creative Mind Plays With The Objects
It Loves.  If for you that is color or form or design or photos then that is
a wonderful thing for your life.

I haven't read Dr Harris' book yet, but now it is on my list.  

As I am unfamiliar with your country, I don't know about the group process there for therapy.  But I do know that with your networking with other artists  you probably have a treasure trove of people who are in tune with their emotions and feelings and use the art process to bring their inner lives to a forefront and display them many times for the whole world to see.  This is similar to the group process in many ways.

I do want to wish you the very best in life.  I would love to see your work
and maybe someday you will be comfortable putting a piece in your profile photos.  If that day should come, shoot me a note so I can take a look at your creation.  

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I've never heard of this, but these terms used by psychologists and psychiatrists aren't really the issue -- people have to call things something, but that doesn't mean giving it a name makes it a disease or helps in understanding anything.  Many of these terms are invented for either diagnostic purposes (meaning insurance reimbursement) or by scholars needing to come up with something with a name to pass their dissertations.  (You have to have gone to grad school to understand this, but if you have in the social sciences you will understand).  The important thing for you is to work on whatever the issue is in a way that helps you, not to get hung up on labels.  So the real issue is, how does this character trait rule your experiences, and will thinking differently about it help you.  Mood disorders are a completely different thing, and if you were diagnosed with one, such as true bipolar or the others, you'd know and they'd tell you.
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Hi thanks for your comment. That makes sense and i understand what you are saying, i also agree i geuss there is alot of information out there and its easy to get caught up in the labels. I just wanted a bit more insight really, was wondering if it fell under the same catagory but it doesnt really matter i suppose we are working on the issues either way (like you said), i havnt been diagnosed with any mood disorders or anything only anxiety which is something ive expirianced from a super young age. Thanks for your advice and insight!
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I do have to agree with Paxiled when it comes to labeling.  The label only keeps a person from recovery in most cases except when a doctor is looking at symptoms to get you your initial help.  Once you get your diagnosis, then the plan should include treatment for recovery of the illness.  This is where in a lot of cases the patient tries to go deeper into
the illness and find branches or twigs to focus on instead of the recovery or treatment plan.  In the old days I would have to walk or drive to the library to find out about certain conditions, now the info is at the end of your fingers on the keyboard of your computer and internet and one page always leads to another and after hours of searching an anxious person can find a whole bunch of new stuff to worry and pull their hair out over.

I am wondering if you are spending the same amount of time either journaling about your feelings and emotions, getting some exercise,
reading uplifting and positive information either in the form of books or
newsletters you might have signed up for on Depression or Anxiety sites.
I am also wondering if you have made a real committment to yourself to have the best life that life has to offer you.  I am also wondering if you have thought of a group therapy experience where 4, 5 or 6 people might have something to say that you can highly relate to.  I myself love the group therapy because I cannot stay in denial about what I am doing when people in my group are willing to point out to me the same things they are working on.

Wishing you the very best

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Hi, yes I journal some times and I do read more of the positive stuff on the net rather than just researching about whats wrong with me. At the beginning I was researching a lot about what I was expiriencing thinking I have all of these different things but I realized it doesn't help and made things much worse, I signed up to a forum looking for support but most ppl on there seem to complain so I stopped visiting. I read posts from tinybuddha.com sometimes which is pretty positive.

I try not to get caught up in what is/has happened and what I am dealing with and yeah I am making an effort to move forward in life by making a few changes such as adapting a healthier lifestyle, creating routine for myself and reading helpful info (currently reading the happiness trap by Dr.Russ Harris, very positive), I have almost completely given up smoking and I aim to excersise atleast a few times per week. I am trying to shift my focus to getting back into what I love which is art, and I am putting more energy into that. I am meeting new people in return which has been good as I don't have any quality relationships at the moment besides my family, so networking with other artists and putting myself out there has lifted my spirit a bit and has definatly helped me to move forward. I don't want to be consumed by it all, I even considered stopping therapy in an attempt to just move on and forget about it all, but I still have a couple sessions left for the year so I might as well take them. But yeah I don't know I was just reading about detachment so I could understand it and I came across the personality disorders and was curious (not overly worried) just curious, but yeah I understand what your saying about labels I get it.

I havnt tried group therapy I did a search on them in my area not so long ago and couldn't seem to find anything =| but have been interested in doing it.

Thanks for your comment M
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I havnt been to Hawaii so wouldn't know =) but the coast part of Australia is beautiful. And yep there are a lot of opportunities here for the creative industry especially in major cities and on the gold coast (where I live). Your so right about artists and other openly creative people having that in common (being more in touch with their emotions, more sensitive I suppose =) ).

and I will definatly keep that in mind when I have some more work to show! (im a makeup artist btw, not a painter or drawer, but my makeup work is far from boring hehe). Thanks so much for you kind and helpful comments. The Dr Russ Harris book is great, it's all about control and mindfulness, living you values and all that kinda thing google him he's really good.

Thanks again M
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