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Beta Blockers, Dexies & Hair Loss

I suffer from severe performance anxiety. Most recently I had a test for a university subject and I felt like before and during the exam I was going to have a heart attack. I was completely prepared, I knew the material, but when it came to the exam I was just so uncontrollably anxious I literally could not write. I am concerned my tutor will not be able to read my writing and I will receive a 0 it was that bad. I have never been able to do well in interviews, public speaking, etc... extremely distressing and lowering my quality of life.

I have come across propranolol in my research and it really seems like the vast majority from people with similar symptoms that this drug is an absolute game changer. Note I am not interested in anxiety medication that I could potential come addicted to hence my interest in this drug compared to SSRIs. I understand the importance of holistic approaches to this issue such as yoga and meditation which I have been practicing but at this stage in consideration of how long I have had this EXTREMELY DEBILITATING condition I feel must try and take this approach until I can alleviate the symptoms using natural methods into the long term.

So... I am really hoping this will be a miracle drug for me like so many others but I know everyone reacts differently.. My only major concern is hair loss. I have MPB which onset in last 2-3 years and after the amount of receding I have started taking a combination of propecia (1-2gm per night) and minoxidil. I have no side effects and I think it is working (only used 2 months) however I am concerned if I start taking propranolol (Inderal) it could counteract this progress of even worse accelerate my hair loss.

So my first question is - could propranolol still lead to hair loss even though I am taking propecia and minoxidil to stop MPB?

Second and similarly - does dextroamphetamines have any effect on hair loss. I felt like when I first started taking these this coincided with onset of MPB. Would taking propecia stop this side effect if it was said to be true?
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DEXY THE ANFETAMIN    for anxiety  wwwwwwwwwhhhat    You wont get them in ENGLAND   abuse is almost going to happen , its an upper not for anxiety
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