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Bounding pulse constantly

Hey guys

I've been seeing a doctor for the past few months now due to anxiety and some pretty serious symptoms, or what we thought was "anxiety"....

Since the end of April I started to feel my heartbeat or pulse throughout my body, head, fingers, when I'm laying down etc and it has got progressively worse since then I've had 2 episodes of full SVT and in the ER a few times with normal Tachycardia.

My resting pulse fluctuates between 85-120 and jumps around every couple of seconds it really is quite scary

I've thought I've been close to a heart attack or stroke a few times now

I'm having a 72hr holter monitor test this weekend and I'm on a waiting list to see a cardiologist 1st of august

My main concern is this constant feeling of my pulse and the vibrations... has anyone experienced this before?

If so what did it turn out to be?
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Hm.  Well, first having a physical and making sure the heart is fine is what should be done first.  You sound like you've consulted about this with your doctor, are having a cardiologist do a work up and find out if this is cardiovascular related.  I would guess it likely is not.  And hopefully they can rule that out.  But, you have to just that.  Make sure your heart is healthy.  Once you are cleared, it's time to get serious about your anxiety.  Feeling every pulse, beat and tingle in our body at this heightened level is a sign of anxiety and health anxiety.  https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/related-illnesses/health-anxiety  First make sure nothing heart wise is going on and go from there.  Let us know!
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Thanks for replying, I will let you know how I get on with everything.

I’ve just ordered a couple of books one by Claire weekes Just incase it is health anxiety so I can get cracking on recovering

Thanks again
I have both books by Dr Claire Weekes, they are awesome and helped me a great deal, in fact, I read one so much that I wore it out, I had to buy a new one.

I have had some of those exact heart issues, it IS scary as you say. For me, it was anxiety, it made my body very attuned to anything going on with it, when I am not anxious, and just relaxed or happy, I don't notice things like that. Dr Weekes, books covers those  problems by the way, reading that section was a big help to me.
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May I ask how this went for you? Were you diagnosed with anything heart related and how are you feeling now?
I have been having a lot of heart symptoms as you described and I am going to see a cardiologist on Wednesday but I'm a little stressed to find out something might actually be wrong. I hope it's just anxiety but I can't get a break from it.
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You are doing the right thing Kalliemae.  Ruling out a cardiac issue is the first step.  Most likely, that will be the case. So many of us have health anxiety and feel chest pain, pressure, twinges, etc. and it's really our anxiety.But you have to rule out anything actually being wrong first.  Try to think peaceful thoughts and relax before tomorrow.  Remember, getting checked out allows them to identify a problem and treat it and it will then usually be fine.  I've been very worried and this is the case to me. The worry was far worse than the health situation.  Let us know how it goes sweetie.  good luck
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