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Brain tumor

I am really worried that I have a brain tumor Because of eye pain please help !!
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Get to your Doc. asp. if you are in pain/distress.
That's the first thing to do, now. Good Luck!
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A brain tumor is one of the more common worries for the anxious person.  That, and heart attacks, HIV, etc.  Anything super scary and potentially life threatening is enough to scare the anxious person.

I agree that simple eye pain is not an indication that you have a brain tumor.  Almost always, there would be other, obvious signs.  Any new symptom or pain should be checked out...not because of something serious, but in case there is something that needs addressed.

Just for your info...brain tumors are actually quite uncommon...some kinds even moreso than others.  If your anxiety persists, please seek professional help.
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Eye pain is not a necessary indicator of a brain tumor.  See your optometrist about your eye pain.  It is most likely caused by something entirely different and easily treatable.  Blessings - Blu
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