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I just wanna say that i wish we have a chat room so that when whoever is having a hard time with their anxiety or panic attack  can just come log on right away and start chatting. I go on the stresscenter websight sometimes to chat but it's not the same as this one.All they talk about is what they had for lunch dinner where they went.Sorry don't mean to be negative,but i really wish that we can chat in this forum instead of  waiting to see if someone read my post and wait for answers.I don't know just a thought.Thanks
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I totally understand where you're coming from! Sometimes my thoughts get racing so bad and my chest gets so tight that it would just be nice to have some one to talk to who is going through the same things. Sometimes I feel like even people who try to understand what we go through with anxiety and depression don't see how hard it really is and they seem to get frustrated with us. Hopefully we could start chatting on these forums a little bit so that we could almost talk each other through some of these problems.
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This is not the right forum to write your idea. Good idea. But there is a suggestion forum.


Write your exact post over there and see what other users think.
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