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Can anxiety cause feeling turned on?

Everytime I start having a panic attack I feel turned on and tingly and I search up my symptoms and get even more worried because pgad comes up. Ive been diagnosed with GAD and Panic disorder
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Are you female?  Does this happen at any other time when you wouldn't expect it?  That condition is considered rather rare.  It's possible when you start having a panic attack you start thinking of sexual arousal because sexual release is usually relaxing.  It changes your focus, which also lessens anxiety at least for a time.  There have been some people on here over the years reporting the urge to masturbate when getting panicky, and again, it make sense as sexual release is relaxing and does focus the attention very strongly elsewhere.  
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I am a female and it only happens when I have anxiety. For example when I’m not feeling anxious or I am distracted I’m fine and feel normal, it’s only when I start thinking about it and start worrying when it happens and it’s been happening for three weeks and I’m starting to get really worried
Sounds like the anxiety is the issue you need to focus on, it does do weird things to us.  If you really think you have that disorder you should see your doctor, you can't self-diagnose, but anxiety sufferers tend to use the old Google to look up symptoms and think they have all kinds of things.  Hope you get a handle on it.
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