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Can you suddenly develop adverse effects from zoloft?

I've been on 100mg for 17 years. The past few months, not only does it not work but I am also developing caffeine sensitivity and tremors. Dose increase made it worse. I vaguely remember reading that when this happens you should try another med
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I have only been on zoloft for a year and It has Not been a good med for me. Been through hell this past year. Within the first month I noticed I could not drink caffeine and I used to drink a cup of coffee a day. It would make my heart which is healthy, flutter and skip beats and make me feel weird.
Haven't had any coffee in a year!
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What I find so strange is this caffeine problem just started with the dose increase. It was a minor dose increase. Really freaked me out.
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How long ago was the dose increase?  It can take the same amount of time to notice a dose increase working and to get used to start-up side effects as it does to start a med in the first place, which is about 4-6 weeks.  That being said, drugs do poop out.  If it has, you are going to have to go through the slow taper off of it and try something else.  If you haven't tried therapy yet or for a long time, the good thing about therapy is it usually doesn't wear off, it fixes the problem, doesn't just tamp down symptoms.  On the other hand, no guarantee it will work and it can take a lot of time.  Don't really get the coffee thing, but two possibilities:  because the drug has stopped working, your anxiety is going back up and the caffeine is making it worse by stimulating you even further; or, antidepressants can be stimulating to people.  While Zoloft usually is sedating, it can be stimulating to a given individual, and so this could be a side effect of going up in dose.  But please, you've been on it a long time -- don't quit abruptly, don't let a doc talk you into quitting quickly and switching you to another med -- do the slow taper and be safe and then when done successfully move on.  I had one poop out on me, it happens.  
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It's been 4 weeks at 125mg.
I'm no expert on this drug, the only time I took it nothing happened at all and we moved on.  But I think the dose most people are at on it is 150mg.  But 4 weeks for a drug you've been on this long should be enough time to notice something if it was going to have a positive benefit, I'd think.  They say 4-6 weeks, so you can't hurt anything trying another two weeks or going up to 150.  There's no loss not using caffeine, it's just a drug you don't actually need, you just like it.  But at some point if it doesn't work anymore you're going to have to do as slowly a taper off of it as suits you and try a different approach.  
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