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Cancer. Hiv. Anxiety

Hello all. Its my first time to post here. I was recently diagnosed with GAD. Ok so im really having terrible anxiety. Its horrible to the point that it affects my life so bad. Im a female. Single mom. I have a beautiful son. Eversince I gave birth to him, i always fear of getting cancer or hiv. If i have a headache, i fear that it might be cancer if the brain. I had CT scan done and everything was normal. I had back issues after I gave birth until now. I fear that it was cancer if the spine. Omg. I had thoraco lumbar MRI done and everything was well. I didnt have my period for a year and 1 month after i gave birth because i was1 breastfeeding, and ithen i thought i have cancer of ovaries. And im crying everynight and i always go to my doctor. And i had protected sex with my baby's dad (were not together anymore he has a new gf now) and i fear i have cintracted hiv from him. Inhave already posted on the hiv forum and was infromed that I had no risk. Still i went to undergo hiv test and was non reactive. And until now i am still scared eventhough the result was negative and the experts said i didnt have to do a test but still did :'((  i cant sleep. I cant eat. I always think about it . And i cry to my baby. Omg. Its so hard
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Hey there,  

Many of us have been in your shoes with our anxiety. I remember my anxiety being so bad I thought I was never going to be able to leave my house, work, support myself, etc.

You have had many tests done all show that you're healthy. Great news!

I have wasted so many days of my life worrying that I had some type of cancer of HIV. And I'll never get those days back, so I try to make each day good, even when I am having anxiety.

Anyways, are you doing anything to help you with your anxiety? Because that is what is causing all this. It's your anxiety, your mental health, not your physical health.  Therapy works great, (CBT)  my personal opinion try this before jumping to meds. (Although idk if I have much room to talk as I take klonopin as needed).

Also, you had no risk for HIV and your test proves that.

Listen, you can get better, I promise you that. It just takes some hard work, and personally for me always thinking positive, and some meds when needed. You are physically healthy. Now it's time to get mentally healthy :)
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Sorry you feel this way, it's rubbish isn't it.
I had cbt four years ago and it does help things, I've had a rough 2 years so I've got an appointment for some more therapy. I'm like you worry about cancer, and other illnesses depending on the symptom, but I havnt had as many tests as you, the doctors don't feel it's necessary to! I don't really go out much, if I do I pick quiet times, all I do really is sit in my house with my kids! I hate being like this. I really want to do things but I just feel like I cant
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Im glad im not alone on this. Why do we experience this at some point? Its very hard. You cant focus. You ignore people. You kept googling symmtoms. Its sad
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