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I started taking celexa five days ago after going to my doctor for a f/u and completely breaking down bawling like a baby (my mom was just diagnosed with acute leukemia).  On day two, I developed a severe headache and very stiff neck.  I have had migraines in the past that originate in my neck/shoulder area.  So, I thought I was getting a migraine like I've had in the past...I started doing all the things that have worked to relieve the pain before (massage, advil, heat, ice, rest, etc.) but, nothing worked. By day three, I started looking on-line to see if this could be a reaction to the medicine. On day five, I was exhausted. I decided to bring out the big guns...muscle relaxer and 1 percocet...Still no relief!  Finally, I took my Maxalt and low and behold the pain started to ease.  I fell asleep thinking "Yes! Finally, the pain will be gone".  I woke up from my nap and I'll be damned if my neck isn't just as stiff as before and my head is pounding.  WTF! Is this a reaction to the Celexa?? How much longer will it take before the side effects go away?
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I'm sorry to hear all the news. =(   I would def. get with your Dr. and let him know the symptoms. You have not been on Celexa long enough it sounds. Probably wouldn't hurt to explore stopping the drug and see if your symptoms go away? Ask Dr. first.  Best of luck!
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I am sorry to hear about the news about your mother.  Obviously, you are under a ton of stress right now, and in my experience with anxiety and stress it can make us feel both emotionally and physically spent.  

SSRIs like Celexa can take weeks for you to feel it's benefits. In my experience in taking medications like these, I usually notice side effects for the first few weeks or so and they eventually subside.  With me, it took a good month or so start to feel the benefits of the medication.  Do you also have a counselor you can talk with right now?  You are going through a lot and sometimes just talking it through with someone can help tremendously in my opinion.  
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