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Chest Pain caused by Anxiety

My Dr. says that I have severe anxiety. My blood pressure is always in the 140's to 150's and 102 and 104 for the low. My pulse rate has been as high as 160 and I am still anxious all the time. I was diagnosed for inner lower chamber heart damage thru a injection test since I am unable to run and the results showed the damage. I ended up in the Hospital a week later and had a cardiogram done ( Gold Standard ) and it showed the lower left ventrical to be pumping normal.
My concern is when I get worked up for no reason and anger kicks in because of my chroninc pain ( Global ) military injuries my chest pounds so hard I can't get off the couch because the pain is so intense.
What should I do?
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Yes the anger is there, but you really need to focus on allowing that anger to pass, as this does not help at all!! are you seeing a Dr. for pain management? and for therapy on dealing with these issue?
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Are you on medication?  Were you on medication?  Are the anger and anxiety long-term problems, or did they arise after being put on certain medications or soon after being taken off certain medications?  If you see what I'm getting at here, many medications can cause temporary or even long-term anxiety and anger.  Explore every avenue to make sure it's just the current pain situation.  And I second silverberg, I hope you're getting good therapy and treatment for the pain.  Don't let yourself get isolated, it'll just become chronic.  You already have enough to deal with.  Good luck.
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