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Chest pain after kidney stone surgery and numerous tests

Hi everyone, I’m new here. About two weeks ago I was rushed to the ER for what turned out to be a 3mm kidney stone. I spent 4 days in the hospital. Had the stone removed, had a stent placed and removed already.

About 4 days after I was released I noticed my left ankle was swollen (only symptom) and it actually went down the same night and the swelling hasn’t returned.

When I called the on-call doctor he told me to go to the ER to rule out a DVT.

From that point I’ve been to the ER for an ultrasound of my my leg— thigh to ankle. Ultrasound was negative. At that point I had no chest pain at all.

Two days later I developed some chest pain and went back to the ER for a D-Dimer test. That was negative also.

I’ve never been diagnosed with anxiety but I’ve lived my life always worrying about the most random and worst things imaginable.

I should add that I’m 33 years old, not over weight and I don’t drink or do drugs. I’ve had asthma my entire life, however this doesn’t seem like an asthma “feeling”.

The symptom I’m feeling is almost like a heaviness that I can’t escape. I feel like I can breathe pretty normal actually, yet this heaviness type feeling remains. It seems to be in center of my chest/ left side slightly. Sometimes it feels like I’m not breathing well but I genuinely am at a loss at this point. I don’t know if it’s asthma or anxiety of worrying myself crazy about a blood clot in my leg or lungs.

Some additional notes:

My ultrasound was 9 days after I was discharged from the hospital.

My D-dimer test was 10 days after discharge and both were negative.

My EKG, heart rate, pulse and oxygen level were all really good numbers.

I’ve made a therapist appointment and an appointment with my new primary doctor this morning.

If anyone reads this and can help me out with some information I’d be extremely grateful.

Thank you
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Being scared about what you went through is normal.  Being scared about possible complications from surgery is also normal -- after many surgeries we're told to walk as soon as possible to keep the circulation going to prevent blood clots -- it's a common complication.  But you don't have that.  Other things can also cause swelling, especially in your case both medication and kidney problems -- which you just had.  The kidney still needs to recover.  So you might have had some edema, not necessarily a blood clot.  Keep in touch with your specialists -- they are the ones who will help you through this.  As for the chronic over-worrying problem, therapy is a good idea.  But expect to be a bit skittish about what just happened because it was frightening and everyone needs to be especially vigilant after having surgery.  The fact you've been able to do all this suggests you don't have a severe anxiety problem, but nobody wants to spend their life worrying so again, good for you for trying to get over that.  Peace.
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