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Combination of Fluoxetine(Prozac) 80mg + Fluvoxamine(Luvox) 100mg daily for OCD

Has anyone ever been prescribed with Fluoxetine(Prozac) 80mg + Fluvoxamine(Luvox) 100mg daily for OCD?
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Who prescribed this combination to you?  Both are ssris and combining the two does risk serotonin syndrome or even less than that just too much direct targeting of serotonin.  Was this done because you've tried everything and everything has failed so your psychiatrist is looking for out of the box solutions?  If you're already taking this combo, is it working or are you suffering odd symptoms?  Have you asked your practitioner why he or she is combining two drugs that target the same neurotransmitter?  You might not find a lot of Americans who have taken Luvox, it is used but not that much.  When it first was approved in Europe, it didn't seek US approval for a long time, so it didn't catch on here as much as other ssris.  It also has a lot more adverse drug interactions than other ssris.  It was, I think, the first one to get an approval specifically for OCD, but probably not because it works any better for it, just because it was the first to ask for it.
My psychiatrist prescribed it to me and I haven't tried everything
I think I am suffering odd symptoms mainly laziness, shaky hands
When I was prescribed I did read about the serotonin syndrome and ask my psychiatrist about it but he asked me to continue taking it and I have been on this combination since 4 months now
Perhaps you need a different psychiatrist and see what he or she has to say about this.  Otherwise, you need to ask your current one why this combo and if you're having these kinds of reactions, you seem to need a change.  If one works, why use two?  And why risk two that work similarly?  
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