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Conerned about Seratonin Syndrome

About a month ago upped my SSRI from 20 to 40 mg. I was taking 40 mg. for about 2 1/2 weeks with no problems. Then I ran out for about three days and had withdrawal. Ever since I started taking it again I've been getting flu like symptom within 20 minutes. It lasts for about six hour then I start to feel better.
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Yes, any increase in this type of med is likely to cause some side effects (typical ones are feeling jittery, increased anxiety, nausea, etc). However, I want to be clear that Seratonin Syndrome is not something you'd really be at risk for...and like I said, it isn't something you would likely confuse with side effects.  I'm glad you were in contact with your doctor's office...hope you get to feeling better soon.  Dosage increases of these meds can be rough for a while.
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I did speak to my nurse and she said that normally this type of med is gradually increased so the fact that I ran out and started taking 40 mg. again might be causing it. She said to go back to 20 mg. for a few days and see how I feel.
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You are more likely experiencing a discontinuation syndrome (w/d)....SS would be in the case of a significantly HIGH dose of an SSRI type med.  SS is a medical emergency and is actually much rarer in occurence then people think.  

If you had SS, you would not start feeling better, not without medical intervention.

Any which way...I would speak with your doctor about your symptoms.  He/she may have some suggestions.

NEVER miss a dose for this very reason.  Call in your refill when you are down to a few pills, that way you don't run short and have to miss a dose.

Good luck.
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