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Constant Lightheadedness

Hello, so about a month ago I have been constantly lightheaded. Almost to the feeling of getting up too fast and that feeling stays. I always feel like this, I have tried meditating, yoga, I've tried to relax myself and get over it but nothing seems to work. About 4 months ago I did have a scare with potential STD's, I've been tested and everything has been negative, so I am not sure if I am sort of traumatized by that event, causing me to constantly feel like this? Not sure if anyone has experienced anything similar, please let me know. I've gone to the doctor a few times and thinks it is all anxiety related but I get annoyed because I feel like the doctor is just taking the easy way out and saying it is anxiety, who knows it could be. Thanks for your time.
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If doc thinks it is anxiety then likely it is unless you want to see another doc for a second opinion. No one can diagnose you from here.
Even if someone here thinks they have what you think you have, that is not any proof that either of you is actually experiencing it.Best to see a professional like a therapist for a diagnosis to see if it is just anxiety.
Thank you for the reply
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If you think it might be physiological and your doctor doesn't seem to be taking you seriously, see a different doctor.  Doctors do have a tendency to avoid difficult things to treat and find by attributing it to anxiety.  What I would ask is, are you thinking anxious thoughts on a chronic basis?  If you're basically not an anxious person, you don't obviously get the physiological symptoms that are associated with anxiety.  Have no idea what's going on, agree with the above, we can't diagnose you on the internet, but anxious people know they're anxious and to get that kind of persistent problem you would be suffering persistent anxiety.  
Thanks for the reply. So I’m told I’m s pretty anxious person. As  mentioned before I had an std scare and caused me to do testing and non stop googling which I realize you shouldn’t do. I feel I got over the std stuffnsincd im clear then once I got over that then the constant lightheadeness buzzed type feeling came on and I thought it was brain cancer or a tumor or sometning like that. My brain never goes to anything positive mostly to just negative stuff not killing my self thoughts but thinking I have cancer etc etc
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