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Constant shortness of breath- Anxiety??

Hi, I am an 18 year old female. For the last 3 months I have had a constant shortness of breath that is very severe and it lasts all day and night. I have had a thorough physical examination and all tests came out clear. My doctor says it is anxiety and even though it is hard to beleive i have convinced myself that it is true. I was under a lot of stress with University and I have had trouble sleeping for years. I am waiting to see a psychiatrist but i am scared. I keep thinking what if medications do not work or what if I don't get better. The problem is very severe and I feel as though i can never breathe. I have been trying to ignore the problem by going out with friends, doing yoga but its always there and it feels terrible. I don't think i can just ignore it.

I am just wondering if anyone has ever been through this horrible experience, if it is truely anxiety, and if your condition has improved. I really just need any kind of hope or support at this point. Thanks a lot,

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I'm glad to read that I am not alone.  I have had severe shortness of breath for the last 10 years.  On the outside I look fine so no one understands.  But I never have air.  I always feel like I am breathing out and getting very little in.  I know that it's gotten so bad that I rarely deep breathe and I probably more so chest breathe.  Being short of breathe makes me exhausted and I always look and feel completely terrible.  The worst part about this.....when it is bad which is usually most of the time...I find myself not really able to talk without feeling like I have to continuously stop and take a deep breath.  I literally have to stop talking or else I think I will pass out.  I noticed when this started that I couldn't sing anymore (like say in your car or something) I don't have enough air to hold a note.  In addition...I can barely read a book to my kids.  I cannot get enough air and I constantly have to stop and breathe and then the more I do that...the worse it gets and I can't talk at all.  Luckily I am writing right now...cause I wouldn't be able to even get enough air to have a converstation right now.  The interesting part about this is....if I was to be hanging with friends and having a bunch of glasses of wine...I would be able to breathe much better.  I can even sing on the top of my lungs.  I am not an alcholoic by any stretch but I guess it has a way of taking away the anxiety.  But sometimes that doesn't even help.  I have been tested awhile back for everything and I was o.k.....maybe I should go again?  Xanax use to work better for me...but not so much anymore.  Plus...it puts me right to sleep.  My doc prescribed paxil to me but I am scared to take it.  So...my main questions are these.....has Paxil helped anyone with this condition and has anyone had a similar experience with shortness of breath and how it affected talking and made them extermely tired and breathless?  Since this has been going on for over 10 years...I feel like this is a new way that my body has learned to breathe and it won't ever change.  It's horrible.  Thanks for your help.   Beth
beth I feel the same last 20 years always shortnes of breath it is killing me I just hope it is anxiety?
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Omg thank you for this post!!! I feel exactly what you feel...I wake up in the morning and have shortness of breath from morning to sleep I hate it...but I am on medication now and it seems to help a little bit...
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Omg thank you for this post!!! I feel exactly what you feel...I wake up in the morning and have shortness of breath from morning to sleep I hate it...but I am on medication now and it seems to help a little bit...
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hey i have the same problem samantha imonly 17 years of age n i had been suffering from anxiety/ panic attacks during the summer holidays. i onli fort tht i wud not make it past a certain day or i wudnt see my next birthday i have been calm recently by talking the kalms medication, but sometimes i just sit there nw atch tv or with friends n it is like theres is something stuck in my throat n stops me to make full breathes i often get pain near my heart n my doctor has told me it is due to anxiety n i shud stop worrying.
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hi samantha im only 17 aswell and have been experiencing really bad breathing problems for about the last week just and i havnt said anything to anyone because im hoping it will go away on its own very soon and i decide to look it up to see if it would go away and i found this forum of yours and i have to say it has been very helpful and alot of the responses helped control it (such as the breathing techniques) well for now anyway while im concentrating writing. although to be honest i dont realy understand what anxiety is but really hope that i am not starting to develope, obviously i wont be able to tell at such an early stage but i dont want to risk letting it get  worse. i am also very sorry to hear that you have to go through this and i hope you recover soon.
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I know exactly what you're talking about and am currently going through the same thing! I had this happen to me about 3 years ago and it lasted for 8 or 9 months. During that time it was all I could think about and I felt very similar to the way you do now: terrified that it would never go away and constantly upset. I felt like I could never have fun. It actually went completely away for me, but the key was acceptance. The anxiety from worrying about the breathing will only make the breathing worse; it's a horrible cycle. As impossible as it is, you have to try to live with it and stop worrying about it. The less you worry about it, the more it'll go away. Atleast that's how it was for me.

     It actually just started again for me about 5 or 6 days ago. I'm currently under a lot of stress, plus I have bronchitis. Now, I feel like even when I can breathe, I can't stop thinking about it. But I'm trying to accept it again and remember that when I stop stressing and just relax, it'll go away. Try not to focus on what could happen in the future, focus on what you WANT to happen in the future, and just let things happen. Instead of trying to push the thoughts out of your head, accept them and remind yourself that only you have the power to overcome them. Take a few minutes a day to actually focus on your breathing: take slow, deep breaths and make sure your stomach is moving up and down, not your chest. let your heart rate slow, close your eyes, imagine a really happy moment in your life, and just let yourself drift off. This will calm you, if only for a minute, and remind your body how it feels to be relaxed.

Best of luck to you! I hope you get through this in no time. Just remember, you're not alone.
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SSRI's are very helpful for your situation. Your body is producing excessive adrenalin and not enough cerotonin. You just need to fix things in your brain if you have trouble getting over continuous anxiety state. It will help but you have to see a psychiatrist before you consider doing so. Drugs like Alprilazole or anything fast-acting just slow down your neurons and act as sedatives. SSRI's help reuptake cerotonin in the brain with almost very few side effects. Please look it up. It has saved lots of depressed lives. Thank you.
Can Gurpinar
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I am 13 years old and im a male and i have experiencing sever dificulty breathing for about 2 - 3 months. It never gets better. I went to the docter twice she said i could have anxiety and i do have acid reflux. Last night i had a little spell i could feel my heart racing and my mouth was dry my shortness ofbreath got worse.  
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Reading all of your posts, I'm beginning to question myself and whether I could have anxiety. I have been diagnosed with it before but didn't really think that was it. Although I have a worrying tendency, I feel relatively ok with my life. At times, I get stressed out but it's rarely something that bothers me all the time.

However, I have constant shortness of breath, and now my chest muscles and back muscles are constantly in pain too. I'm currently sitting in a recliner alternating between ice and heat on my right shoulder blade. And tearing up because I want to be outside playing volleyball with my friends. But my breathing and back pain stopped me from that. This has been going on for about 10 months. I've been diagnosed with everything from anxiety to asthma to vocal cord dysfunction. I've had chest x rays (normal), echocardiograms (normal), sinus surgery (which was needed!), and tests on my vocal cords (normal)....tomorrow I go for allergy testing (I already know I'm allergic to everything under the sun.) I DO have silent acide reflux.

Does anyone have any advice on this? Should I assume it's really just anxiety and see a psychiatrist? (I take Ativan as needed, and it calms my panic over not breathing, but doesn't really help the breathing itself.)Do I keep trying to see if there's something physical? Perhaps chiropractor or massage would ease the back pain? Has anyone ever tried acupuncture? I know, a lot of questions, but it's so nice to see that I'm not alone. I can't tell you how difficult this year has been. I feel like I have not been able to be my fun loving, extremely active self, and not feeling good has affected my mood. Not all of my "friends" have been supportive, though I do have some who are beyond amazing. Any thoughts are appreciated.  :)
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I have suffered with anxiety for years im 26 have 3 children, work and am at college. Recently i have had constant breathlessness but i dnt feel stressed.I to hav bin docs and they told me im healthy and said it was anxiety and hav prescribed me propranolol, has any1 else taking these? im worried because on the list of possible side effects it said it can cause breathlessness so i have not taken them. this is ruining my life and cant do anything with out feeling breathless which turns into panic. Cant believe there are so many of you that feels like this. No1 who i no understands how im feeling and just tell me to pull myself together which makes me feel like im goin mad!
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It's pron not anxiety, I would get a chest x-ray
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have you been tested for allergies. Contact a good allergy doctor and get the scratch test done....I have had shortness of breath all day everyday. It started seven years ago and I was told I had "anxiety" by a pulmonologist who examined me. The problem continued and I had good years and bad years, good months and bad months. Seven years later (2011) I go to an allergist when the symptoms peak to an all time high and find out I am allergic to everything. I mean everything. Cats, dogs, dust, pollen, grass, oaktrees. Now I am confused as to whether it is anxiety or allergies. I am taking allergy shots (started 2 weeks ago). My O2 sats have been good but I am constantly fighting for air doing the fake yawning thing and feel a tightness in my chest. I am on singulair and pulmicort which does nothing to prevent attacks. I also take albuterol which rarely seems to help. So what the crap is going on with me. THis is ruining my life. I feel like I can't leave my house. Every time I drive the breathing gets worse. I am paranoid about taking the allergy shots, afraid I will have an allergic reaction (anaphalaxis). I want my life back
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hi this is my first post i was first told by my doctor i was suffering from panic and anxiety around 3 yrs ago i was put on a anti depressant but was changed a while later because i lost a lot of weight and things improved but then around 5 months ago i started getting short of breath for no reason so i went to the doctors and they said it was my asthma playing up just take my blue inhaler as needed, that didnt help so went back again and i have suffered from hayfever before and recently i went for a test and im allergic to mould spores and mixed pollens, so i tryed a anti histamine but didnt really notice a change then i went back to the doctors and the changed my inhaler but still the same problem then about 3 weeks ago i was in my room and started feeling short of breath and began to panic and it got so bad i went up the hospital my asthma was fine and he said it was my anxiety so i went back to the doctors the next day and they put me on a higher dose of the same tablets and gave me a 1mg tablet to put under my tounge if needed which i havent used because sometimes i panic about taking tablets also im low on folic acid, vit c and a few b vitamins, will this ever get any better?? i no its down to me to change it but any help and advice would be greatly welcomed. i aslo see a counciler
thanks for reading
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i have just been prescribed propranol for anxiety . I am 27 with 3 kids and constantly breathless . It first struck me wilst moving house on monday and been with me ever since.  Been on the meds since friday after 2 visits to hospital to get tests all cleared and nothing has happened yet . I still feel the same and i am getting really upset as its my birthday tomorrow and was meant to be going out with the children to winter wonderland. Cant even make the dinner without being out of breath. I just hope these meds kick in soon and help me :( Dont suppose anyone knows how long meds take to kick in ????
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Hello, I've always had anxiety as long as I can remember. But experienced my first full blown panic attack this past July. after an emergency room visit, and many tests on my heart and lungs, I was sent home. feeling very good that I wasn't having a heart attack  the anxiety was still there. After that I've experienced trouble with breathing anticipating another panic attack. Recently my trouble breathing became more frequent, and now every day. I went back to the doctor (today) to have my lungs checked again, knowing my heart was ok. He said my lungs are fine and suggested therapy, but I was still worried about my constant shortness of breath regardless.  I am going through the same thing and it made me feel better that there's other people that can feed off each other, and not feel alone. Reading these forums I feel that everything is going to be OK, and I'm not dying, and YOU not alone out there.. Good luck!!!
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im 15 years old and i know im young but i have shortness of breath an it gets really bad randomly, iv ben to the doctor n all the test come out clear . its a scary feeling like im goin to die . but i dont think i will its not a mind game there is something wrong n i guse they dont have the technolagy to figer it or wat but it needs to go  away i feel yur pain trust me . sum times i dont  even wana live sumtimea when it happends  .
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I completely understand yu I have been going through this anxiety for a month ;the constant shortness of breath ,sweating ,dizziness,fatigue it hasnt been that long but my symtoms make me feel like its been forever ;i stoped working going out doing normal things I always did.I never want to be alone because I always feel scared after my first panick attack Ive tried every tea available ; ive gone to the er plenty of times thinking I was haveing a panick attack or stroke sometimes I even think im going crazy .I went online &purchased these natural pills called anxiclear its supposed to be rated 1 for anxiety im hopeing this works because im running out of options btw yu should check it out @anxiclear.com or email me itll be good to talk to someone who understandstrust me peaple who dont go through simply dont understand
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I am 21 years old,female! for the past month or so I have been feeling tightness in my throat and chest! It is unbearable, there is no pain just th tightness! I am a constant worryier and think I am dying when in reality I'm probably not! Went to doctors and bloods were normal, ecg was normal but fast heart rate, which has slowed now, listened to my chest and lungs through stethascope and said everything sounded fine, oxygen levels were 98%! What could be causing this tightness?? Plz help
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I've been having this problem for almost 2 wks now. It's very scary & my doctor says it's anxiety, which I'm having a hard time believing. I'm severely short of breath to the point where I feel as if I'm going to pass out.
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I have shortness of breath all the time that leads to chest tightness once in a while... When I get really bad I'll start sweating , feal like I need to puke if I  don't puke, and m heart races.... They say it's anxiety and I'm trying to cope with it.... This form made me feal better, also the ativan I'm on helps out from time to time.... I just want to be normal again tho and not have to take pills to become normal
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I am having the same problem.constant shortnes of breath,also light headed tingling head and arms.constant crying because I think I an dying.I an a 25yelp old mother of 3,and I love my children dearly,sometimes I think I an dying and I even wrote then a note last week as the breathless feeling was so intense I thought I would never see my babies again.I an a little over the top and everything scares me.how can I get rid of this feeling? I have been to my gp,and had no real advice.going back now in a hour to see if I can be prescribed a medication to help me sleep
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do we have hope? can this breathing nightmare go away? :'(
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i'm 18 now and have been dealing with anxiety since i was about 12. although i know when a panic attack is coming..i still can't deal with them. over the last few months it has all gotten so much worse. constantly out of breathe which turns into a panic attack. and i'm having about 2 or 3 panic attacks a day. is there any self help ways to cope?? because i have really bad panic attacks when i go anywhere near the doctors...
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Reading this has made me realise I can do this, I really thought I was alone! Some days I feel low with it all, this is all new to me as it all began after having my daughter this march. I've had all test done and all have come bk fine. It helps to know that u are all goin through this , to have someone that understands .
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I also suffer from shortness of breath. After havng read a great deal about it online, there can be many causes. One i suspect I might have is COPD, so Im about to go visit the doctors and get that checked out. If you have been smoking, or recently inhaled something that you shouldn't, then ask your doctor for the COPD spirometry test.. just to be sure :) Best of luck to you all, and my we get our breaths back!
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i am 19 a few mounth ago i stared felling like i needed to yawn sometimes to catch my breath then over time it was constantly it made me feel like i was going to stop breathing or something and thin i had my first panic attack and after googleing it and wachting videos on youtub i have understod what i was going thro it was anxitey i have been triying to find ways to help me with no medication i dont want to feel the need to yawn all the time it suckes i just stared some breathing techniques i think thay help a little and all so knowing that this will not kill me and it is all in my head i need to face or confront thangs that i dont want to do i have social anxiet and genarl anxiety it make me scared to talk to people and thangs like lurning to drive  ut i know if i face my fers head on it can really help me i just hope i correct this problem i am haveing
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does anyone els feel the need to yawn all the time?
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I have had my fair share of problems due to anxiety, and i always look the symptom up to see if others are experiencing it, well.. what i always see is questions but no answers because once people have figured out there miracle solution, they dont think to post it to let others know and it always leaves me hanging. Well i have found a way to strongly minimise this symptom. so you feel like you can't get that good breath or maybe you struggle for a few minutes to get it and when you finally do it only relieves you for a few minutes then you want another one?

- Breathe OUT (the more you breathe out the more you can breathe in)
this is the biggest cure, it might be hard at first to not go for the big breathes but believe me it works. I challenged myself to not get a big breath in for a whole day it was hard but the next day i would say my shortness of breath was about 25% better, then i kept doing it and it kept getting easier and easier and better and better.  this is due to super hyperventialtion.
If your having an episode where your shortness of breath is really severe,
breathe slowly through your nose, you can also place your two index fingers just below and to the outside of your nostrils and spread your fingers out toward your ears (this opens up your airways)
-cfoncentrate on how much you CAN breathe
it might feel like you could die but you are getting all the air you need everythings ok.
all this advice is obviously once you've been assessed by a doctor and given the all clear from any more serious  ilness's
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Hi guys, I know some of the replies in this post are from a while ago but, I wanted to share my experience with you.
I got costochondritis at the beginning of the year, with that came chest pain, I was then told by a doctor I had a heart murmur. Consequently I then had to go for lots of different test to rule out any serious problems.
Enter anxiety over my health. The pain persisted even thought the costochondritis had gone, I then started to feel the need to yawn or sigh to catch my breath. When I couldn't do it, it would stress me out even more and Id feel a bigger urge to need to do it. This caused me pain in my chest, back, neck and jaw.
The doctor prescribed me a drug for anxiety, just to calm me down when and if I needed it. It worked slightly on the SOB but not as much as I'd like.
And then, two days ago I had a sports massage. Before the massage the last asked some questions about health etc and the SOB came up.
Whilst massaging she told me that the area around my ribs was so tight she wasn't surprised I was finding it difficult to breathe. She worked on that area the most and I'm happy to tell you all my SOB has eased up a lot. Not entirely but, instead of every 5 minutes it's a few times a day.
I don't know whether this was because of tension sue to anxiety, or whether I have subconsciously now forgotten about my SOB and therefore not trying to do it all the time.
I just wanted to share with you as I know how helpless j felt and my SOB and urge to yawn and sigh was only for a couple of weeks.
Anyone suffering, I urge you to go and try a sports massage. Explain to the therapist you're ailment and just see whether it makes any difference to you.
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hey ive been having shortness of breath for like 1 month..and whenever i try to control it it gets easier to breath after sometime but,it cimes back mostly at nights.I went to the doctor and he said i have a mild infection in my lungs.im in antibiotics but it isnt working so now i dont know what to do. anyone who has been through anxiety breathlessness can u tell me if this would ever end....believe me it will give me a hell of a relief. thanks
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I'm only 15 and a few days ago I had the biggest panic attack I've ever had and had to he hospitalised, my pulse rate was 150 and I thought I was gonna die, from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep if I can, I'm always short of breath, reading everyone comments and seeing that this could last for months and years scares me as I'm already sick and tired of it, I'm on propranolol to stop my heart beating to fast and I'm just stuck on what to do, I don't want to live like this
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This is old and I am sure the original people posting have found a new symptom to ruin their lives but I came across this in an internet search and wanted to give someone hope.

After about 2 years of high stress I started getting heartburn and suddenly I could not breathe. For that whole week I assumed anxiety and tried meditation and anxiety exercised to calm down. Well it didnt work and the heartburn got worse I got acid in my throat all the time. I saw my dr after inhalers didnt work, who then gave me steroids. when that didnt work, i started taking meds for the heartburn thinking it was the acid reaching my lungs. For months I suffered and you know what hell it is. Sometimes I felt like I had to force myself to breathe. Finally i started thinking about the fact that limiting my diet and taking acid medicines by my doctor and I still couldnt breathe, i panicked. Whats wrong with me and I cant live a life where I feel like i cant even perform a basic function necessary to being alive. Then like a lightbulb went on i considered my shortness of breath, despite how serious and constant it was, was maybe an anxiety response, within a week i was breathing  90 percent better. By the next week i am at 95 (this week).

Many of you have been already  told its anxiety so why not give some of my methods a try. You know you cant just calm down, you have to trick yourself. Consciously  breathe slow, and use your nose to take slow breaths. Dont breathe deeper than feels natural, fight the urge to do that and fight the urge to sigh. You do not realize this but you are hyperventilating, and breathing slow will stop the hyperventilation response. But you need to keep trying. Practice breathing from your stomach and not your chest. This will feel really bad at first but by the next day i noticed improvement, and each day after. Also, i had developed chest tightness and can feel my chest tighten. I would practice massage and stretching to become aware of the tightness and try to break the cycle. Another method which is great for all anxiety related physical symptoms is an amazing trick. Focus on a physical feeling you have that feels bad, and try to use your brainpower to make the feelings or pain more intense. You cant, its impossible. Try hard! This exercise causes your brain to actually relax its grip. Amazing. Remember, keep practicing its like exercise. You wont be ready for the playoffs in a day. And you might relapse but if you keep trying youll notice you bounce back faster each time.

We are all a work in progress, if its not the breathing its something else. Stay strong, youll beat this.
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TO d2015eenyc
God bless you man. I tried everything - antidepressants, herbs, anti
anxiety meds, therapy(kind of working) and non of it works.One year i was dealing with the shortness of breath.
After doing the things you wrote on the first day i was feeling 80 percent better, on the second 90 percent.
I dont know how to thank you. To all of you- STOP SUFFERING, do
the things written in the post above and you will get better immediately.
You just have to normalize your breathing. The moment you try to do so, you
will feel what was the natural way of breathing before the shortness of breath. Slowly breath through your
nose with your diaphragm. If you are not sure wheather you are breathing with your diaphragm or with your
lungs, just place your arm on your diaphragm and when you inhale your arm will go up. SLOWLY INHALE AND EXHALE THROUGH YOUR NOSE AND DONT OVERBREATHE.
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did this ever go away for you?
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Yes it did !!!
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can u please send me a link I cannot see your email.
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I really hope this information helps you : One of the scariest parts of my apparent anxiety was the shortness of breath episodes that I was experiencing for days on end. I actually googled about it and read instructions that 100 percent have helped me immediately after following them and now it is a thing of the past! So basically what you want to do is TAKE A DEEP BREATH IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE AND WHEN YOU BREATHE OUT PUSH YOUR LIPS TOGETHER LIKE YOU'RE BLOWING SOMEONE A KISS. "PURSED LIPS". Blow out all the air in your lungs while doing this. Repeat this 3-4 times in a row. Make sure you go slowly and blow it all out. You may feel like you need to take a huge breath in, just relax and continue. This 100 percent works and its not mental . Apparently when we hyperventilate we leave extra air in our lungs from not breathing correctly and it causes us to feel like we arent getting enough air. So breathing out through the pursed lips makes sure to push all the extra air out. I promise you this will work. It drove me crazy until I read about it and applied it and now Im happy to say I dont experience this anymore! Good luck!
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In end of june 2015 I had stomach problems, I went to the doctor and found hookworms on me.I took meds and got better, but I noticed my heart rate was increasing by the day.At that moment I had broken up with my girlfriend and got so emotional and stressed. Then the I developed hard pounds of my heart and became afraid. I then got my first panic attack in July.I was rushed to emergency that day.After many tests I all over the months nothing was found to be the problem. I was then diagnosed with Anxiety disorder. After a month i developed shortnesd of breathe.I used Alprazolam 0.25mg,it really help to come down but its very addictive.I was then referred to a psychiatrist. I have been trying yoga,deep breathing but I still can't get my constant shortness of breathe away.I will continue to try the techniques you mentioned above. I hope I will get better soon.my email is ***@****, just in case you have the best way to end it,tell me how.
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30 year old male, turning 31 in a few days.

I've been constantly short of breath since January. Symptoms diminished slightly, for a while, but returned with a vengeance.

Every time I go to the hospital, my oxygen level is 95-97%, usually, but when they hold a stethoscope to my chest, they say they don't hear air movement. How is that even possible?!

I'm an ex smoker. Quit in early January when I first began to experience these symptoms. I did relapse, but am happy to report that I've not had a ciggie in a week.

Countless ER visits in the last two months. It's been insane. It's like an ongoing nightmare.(thank god for good insurance, right?) Every visit has come to nothing.

Oh, both my feet are swollen, for days, now, by the way. I've told this to the doctors, who seem to just brush it off.

They've run scores of tests on me. Quite impressive, actually....EKGs, x-rays, CT scans, extensive blood work, you name it, they've done it. Negative negative negative. Nebulizer, Ventolin inhaler, Prednisone....taken it all, does nothing.

When I went yesterday, they gave me a much stronger anti-inflamitory. Provided some relief, but with awful side effects. Jittery, rapid heart beat. Called my doc. Waiting for a call-back. Meanwhile, I've quit that med, but the chest tightness and dyspnea have returned. Quite upsetting.

I've been referred to a Pulmonologist, but the referral process takes a long while. God knows when I'll finally get to see this doctor. Meanwhile, the symptoms are practically unbearable. I'm at my wit's end. What am I supposed to do?!Take more pointless trips to the Hospital?

Feel really in the dark, helpless, in need of a doctor who can answer all my questions and relieve the symptoms!

It could be panic/ anxiety. But for this many weeks, continuously? It's quite confusing. I really don't feel this is the case. I'm generally calm. I feel the anxiety is a result of the breathing troubles, not the other way around. Anyone who can't breathe would feel anxious and scared, would they not?

Panting every minute of every day. Sleeping is difficult- impossible. I just sit up and watch TV until the fatigue is so great It no longer Matters if I'm short of breath. Sometimes that works, sometimes, it doesn't. A gathered a bunch of sheets, pillows, towels and blankets in a huge ball and then sort of draped myself over it. It's screwey, but it helps with the chest pressure-- ever so slightly-- to where I can kind of relax.

Starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf, though I don't feel I deserve to feel that way. My symptoms are genuine. I shouldnt have to feel like a malingerer when I know I'm not.

The worst part is knowing that I brought all this on, myself. Smoking, being fat, etc. God, I'm such a bloody screw-up. I hate how I've treated myself. Have I done irreparable damage to myself? Am I out of second chances? Can I ever feel normal again? I feel lost and in the dark. Scared as heck, too.

Anyway, it feels good to verbalize what I'm going through. I hope that other people with similar experiences to my own will respond to my post. Thank you.
Hey I'm going through the same thing.. I started being short of breath about a week ago.. I'm on all kinds of puffers and docs say oxygen is clear, X-ray is good.. they leave it to asthma and anxiety.. I don't know what to do
Same here. It’s been 3 month. I just don’t get it. I have no relief. Been to several doctors. Almost every kind. I don’t feel it’s anxiety, I live on the beach have a great man and a great career and go on mini vacations on the weekends , but 3 months ago I woke up and had air hunger and now I’m not the same person. I’m miserable and cruel and in pain. Has anyone overcome this ? Pls help. I want my life back
Not sure what you mean by air hunger.  Was it only the one time or is it still going on?  Also, if you make a new post, you might get more answers, though you also might not as it's not really something anyone can know if your doctors don't.  Anxious people think anxious thoughts, they don't just have physiological symptoms.  Although the life you describe sounds idyllic, anxiety often is hard to pin down.  If the docs can't find any reason for it and it wasn't a one-time thing, it is possible you had an anxiety attack from something.  Anxiety attacks can trigger more anxiety attacks, as they're just an awful experience.  But again, they go along with fearful thoughts and usually irrational fears at that.  I have no idea what's going on, and I don't know how thoroughly your docs examined you -- were you checked for sleep apnea?  Although again, that's not a one-time thing, it's chronic.  So if there's truly no physiological thing going on, it's possible you had an anxiety attack and it so shook you that you're now living in that anxiety attack.  That's how chronic anxiety often begins.  If you think that might be it, the first place to go is a psychologist to try and figure it out.  Any idea if you were having a bad dream when it happened?  What's your thinking like?  If it's not physiological and it's a reaction to that bad night three months ago, the sooner you get into therapy to figure it out the better for you.
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I have never posted on a forum before but I felt compelled to do so on this topic. 9 weeks ago I suddenly began experiencing breathlessness which didn't go away. It was very distressing. After a week I visited the doctor who diagnosed anxiety. Another week later, it hadn't improved so I visited a different doctor for a second opinion. The diagnosis was the same. It was very hard to accept because I didn't feel like I was anxious, except the breathlessness was making me anxious. I was in a vicious cycle, day and night. A couple of days ago, I came across a YouTube clip by Robert Litman. It is called "The Relationship Between Breathing and Anxiety". It is a 35 minute clip which demonstrates and explains techniques for helping with anxiety related breathing problems, using a technique called Buteyko. It made a massive improvement to my breathing within 24 hours, breaking the cycle. It is drug free and simple to follow. It gives practical techniques to follow when symptoms emerge. I hope it helps anyone else experiencing anxiety related breathlessness.
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It's about time I found people who are experiencing the same problem I'm having. I've had a constant shortness of breath for 3 weeks now and it won't go away. I had a panic attack 3 weeks ago (trembled & dry heaved) and never really recovered from it. I had the runs and dry heaved early in the AM during my panic attack causing me to spiral in fear. I went to the ER because I thought it was something very serious and it turned out to be an anxiety attack. My EKG results came out completely normal along with my oxygen levels, etc. I was already feeling sick from allergies and all the  pollen from outdoors which eventually led into me being diagnosed with
sinusitis 1 day later. The doctor prescribed me with antibiotics for the next 10 days and those symptoms eventually disappeared. The only issue that is left over is my shortness of breath. For some reason it is still lingering and it's very bothersome. I constantly called pharmacists for medical advice and there were so many different answers from life threatening to anxiety. I visited the ER again yesterday to make sure I was on the safe side and sure enough my results came out normal again. My blood pressure was slightly high but the nurse told me it was from all this stress and fear I've had for 3 weeks straight. As of now I'm still feeling the shortness of breath and I scheduled an appointment to see a pulmonologist this Friday again to make sure I'm on the safe side. When will this misery ever end? I never worried about my health this much since I was in middle school 7 years ago. I had a constant fear of having heart problems for 6 months straight back in the 7th grade and that was horrible. I never smoked, nor drank in my life and I'm 20 years
old so what gives?
I've had the same problem since April of '15. Doctor thinks anxiety. I've had all blood work done, just haven't had a scooe down my throat. He thought it may havr been stomach acid hurting esophagus and airways but so he put me on pro...zam. I forget  exactly what ot is called. Anyways, didnt help. I did have acid though, which went away when my wifes did, after she gave birth to our son. Shortness is still there. When I am preoccupied with things I enjoy, i do not notice it as much. When mine started in April 2015, I was having allergy problems. I hit Zyrtec and flonase hard for two weeks (doctors orders) because i was so congested. Around that time I was having trouble swallowing food at times, when my sinuses cleared up the swallowing problem went away and SOB started. I had severe polyps also. Could breath through nose great because polyps were in my upper sinuses. I scheduled and had my second sinus surgery to get them removed and was hoping that would be my fix all. Nope still have same problems. I just deal with it better. Doctor gave me xanaxs. Doesn't really work. Just makes me feel okay about it. Anyways, I don't really think I have GAD like doc says but more of just general depression. I'm happy but my head isnt right all the time so I dont know how to explain the depression either. O think my next step will to be to see a shrink. Not sure there is a lot of help on any forum except to understand that there are a million people that have the exact same problem and are still alive. Yeah, pending doom seems to come along woth not being able to breath the way you are use to. Or perhaps you (I) am breathing the way I always have but my brain thinks otherwise. I lost my mom to cancer (after losing my dad 5 years earlier, in Dec of '12. Doc thinks that may contribute also. Who knows. Keep visiting the doc and remember you know your body better than anybody. If you dont feel your problem is something they are telling you, let them know. You'll (like myself) will be running in circles forever.
I think you may be my twin!! I am 41... And have had anxiety and OCD since I was young but have had pretty good control for several years now.  I had a lot of stress come on over the past two years and still have it. Well... The breathing / hyperventilating started and the panic attacks where I can't get air started back. (I also have had issues several times over the years about heart attack worry too).  I am in therapy, breathing exercises, yoga, treadmill, exercise (all just starting to see if it will help) because I stopped exercising when this started back.  Also I am supposed to start lexapro tonight and see if it will help. I am so sorry you and I and all of us are going through this. You are not alone.  There are No support groups in this town for this. I think it would be a huge blessing to have one. I have been thinking of starting one myself. I'm gonna go for now. Seems just typing all this makes me breathe funny. Peace, prayer...and hang in there my friend. Jenny
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I'm going through the same thing I take a hot shower and use a towel roll it up long ways lay on it starting from your tail bone and breathe slowly and think about the good times with family and friends also use your fingers to rub your temple stay on the the towel for half hour a day. Feel free to sing in the shower positive thinking. It helps me.
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so funny you said that about your engineer father.  My brother in law is an engineer and thought same thing about his wife. Always saying anxiety is all in your head and you can just stop it.  Until, he was in his office and his red light on his phone kept blinking and he had to tape a piece of paper over it and low and behold that was the start of his anxiety!
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Hey i am a 33 yr old female and have been dealing with panic/ anxiety since i was 17 but not until my 2nd child a year ago did i have this breathing issue. I feel like im not breathing right and it makes my neck sore and my ribs. It just makes so tired like it's a job to just breath. Has anyone found that an everyday pill for anxiety gets rid of it? I've tried meds but they give me bad side effects. I have ativan for my bad attacks.
I am 36 and have had heart palpitations (most call anxiety) since i was very young. I have been diagnosed with anxiety but also tachycardia, where your heart races, especially at rest. Beta blockers can help slow the heart rate. Also I suggest checking B12 levels as this is rarely checked for and can increase these symptoms drastically, especially the shortness of breath, because B12 anemia prevents red blood cell counts and you need red blood cells to carry oxygen to the lungs. I take B12 injections because anxiety and stress depleats your B12 (info given to me by a study from a Radiologist who looked at my heart)
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I have these same feeling like I'm not getting enough air ,it just use to happen when I go upvand down stairs everyone says its cause I'm unfit but now it seems to take I've my everyday life I'm so scared every time I go tovdoc she test for all kind of things n I'm fine ,no I'm not I feel like I'm dying I'm scares to sleep I'm scared to walk at the mall noone understand I take gabipenton doesn't work at all I'm going to make an appt for polmonoligist this week so my Herat rate can go up to 130 again from nerves this is crazy I can not live so I'm glad other have the same thing
Do you have one of those heart rate monitors to see how your hr is behaving? You might want to get a simple one for your finger and track what you find and what you were doing in a journal. Shortness of breath is so often thought of with the heart, but it can also be anemia, low iron where the oxygen isn't getting carried around, or it could even be neurological with a syndrome like POTS, that is often not diagnosed because SO many doctors are now knowlgeable about it even though it can be caused by many things and thousands and thousands of people have it (usually just diagnosed in areas where the hospitals know what it is).
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I'm 17 year old female.I've been under a lot of stress with university entrance exam.I experienced different symptoms of anxiety attack but worst of them was constant shortness of breath.My doc said it is anxiety and nothing is wrong with me.I went on propranolol and fluoxetine.They reduced other symptoms but shortness of breath was still there.I tried many different remedies and tricks including breathing exercises but they didn't work.It got worse when I wanted to focus and study my lessens.
Finally I figured out how to stop it.I do this when I want to start studing  or I stuck in any other stressful situations.
I wonder:I'm doing it very well(even though I think I don't),I'm able to cut it,everything is alright...actually you should believe everything is totally alright and nothing bad going to happen.Just do it and don't be afraid of anything may happen at all.Be sure it works.good luck.(sorry for probable grammatical mistakes!I'm little slow at english!)
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I've had this same issue for 4 years. Doctors say "it's just anxiety" but won't do anything and it's so severe that sometimes I'd rather be death than constantly feeling like I can't breathe. Going to see a counsellor again in the hopes they'll sort it. I'm not anxious but this makes me anxious and then it gets worse.
Hi I'm 18. I visited this page about a year ago I had same problem and I know how bad it is...I tried to find an easy trick like breathing practices but they didn't work.I remember I wanted to die.Finally I went to doctor I'm on medication now and I feel much better. I was scared of side effect and after 6 hard month I decided to use them I did't get side effects so give it a chance and find a good doctor.  Good luck.
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Hi I am 14 years old and every since my scar from the last time I smoked weed 3 months ago, I have been seeing little flashes of lights and constantly off balance and worrying about death and can't focus in school is this anxiety? Also I keep telling myself that their is something horribly wrong with my health but then I feel perfectly fine when I don't think about it. I need some anwsers and I just wanna get back to my normal life
Hi I'm 18. I visited this page about 15 months ago I had same problem and I know how bad it is...I tried to find an easy trick like breathing practices but they didn't work.I remember I wanted to die.Finally I went to doctor I'm on medication now and I feel much better. I was scared of side effect and after 6 hard month I decided to use them I did't get side effects so give it a chance and find a good doctor.  Good luck.
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I'm glad I found this thread. I've had anxiety since I was 7 or 8. Used to stay up all night and look at the stars and wonder and was very scared. I'm 32 now, haven't had anxiety in years. I thought I had it licked, but I started having breathing troubles a month ago. It got so bad that I had a severe panic attack, but I thought I was dying or would pass out and stop breathing. Went to the hospital and they said acute bronchitis. Took all the meds and a month later, I'm better but still short of breath. Went to the hospital again and took another chest x-ray, still nothing. I know now that it's panic attacks. I had panic attacks 2 years strait from 18-20, I'm 32 now. I don't remember constantly being short of breath in those years and I'm not freaking out or anxious anymore. I think it was bronchitis that brought this on, I just have to fix that first. You need to find out what's giving you the anxiety. It can be something that's happened in your life or even a health problem that can be fixed that's causing it. If you have a health problem that causes shortness of breath or rapid heart beats or high blood pressure, it can cause the anxiety even if your not anxious. You have to find the root of the problem and in the mean time just tell yourself it's just anxiety and you'll be ok and keep calm.
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I thought I was the only one that felt like this. God Bless you all for being with me on this! My husband got mad at me yesterday as my mom's in the hospital and he finally went up there with me after he got off work. I have had bad bad bad anxiety and panic since I was very young. Just walking, exerting myself, big open spaces and big buildings set off my panic like crazy. Yesterday we were in the hospital and I stood up to hug all my family that was in the room bye and my wind felt like it got sucked out of me. and I'm always breathless anyways on top of that.
But worse than anything my husband doesn't understand and got mad. He said he wasn't but I saw his face. He says he has anxiety and he might to an extent but I have it severely.
What have you done to treat it?  Are you in therapy with a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of psychology?  
Sorry, the treatment of anxiety, not psychology!
Out don't need treatment the best treatment is two till your self your not going two die you'll be ok and think of a happy thought and it goes away fast if not deal with it go with flow but being scared just makes it 10 times worst but just think you can't die from this it seems like a heart attack but it's not I'll tell ya more in a while I've experienced 12 years ago out of nowhere so I'll tell ya what happened two me and what meds work and don't in a while I got two go two work I'm mean mine was so bad I couldn't work I couldn't play on phone I couldn't even bath or shower nothing but crawl under table and cew my self rapped heart beat chest pains can't breathe tingling hand and sketering vision and even smells that so strong no one else smells it but you and end up er 3 times a week and you get axsiaty from your passed ether something happened bad wene a kid or tramma it will never go away reaching treatment tell but it helps a lot till your self I'm fine I gotten it before and I'm ok it will get better and not as long and you'll sleep better I've had anxiety 4  hours at a time it messes up everything it's like you're paralyzed but I'll let you know here in awhile what I did you get through what treatment work and helped me but your not alone
I'm not saying this is going to cure your anxiety, cause to me anxiety is a personal matter and it's different for everyone. But it's even harder when someone does not understand what you are going through. I still have anxiety but this video has helped me to cope with it a little better. It's on YouTube by Dr. Alan Mandell, DC it's titled simple way to cure anxiety. Like I said I can't say it WILL heal you but it helped me to understand anxiety better and helped me deal with it. Hope this helps you.
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