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Constant stomach pains? Is it anxiety?

Hey, guys.

I'm 17, but 3 years ago in 2013 I was diagnosed with Major Depression and GAD. I was seeing a therapist and taking 10mg lexapro. After some life changes, I thought I was doing a lot better, so I stopped seeing my therapist and stopped taking my medication.

Two years later, in 2015, I had a bad panic attack one night that left me sick for two nights in a row... I feel like that panic attack may have "triggered" my anxiety, because a few days later I was having anxiety/panic attacks that left my chest sore, stomach aching, and entire body trembling. It was super scary, I thought I was dying!

I saw my doctor and they did an EKG, which came back normal, and prescribed me lexapro again, as well as ativan if I need instant relief. My doctor said it was most likely anxiety, but I keep worrying myself.. Is it really?

I don't often feel like I'm under a lot of anxiety or stress, but if I try to recall my day, I know I subconsciously and somewhat consciously spend a lot of time worrying about how what I eat will affect me, or if my stomach will get any worst, and basically became hyper aware of every little pain or noise in my body. Furthermore, I've been suffering with stomach aches lately. Like.. constant, all-day aches that last everyday. It's not quite nausea, but more like a.. tension and unpleasant ache. Trying to lay down makes it worst, and sometimes I wake up feeling shaky and a little sick, so it's been hard to deal with. I can't sleep or eat right :(.

I was doing a week ago, but then the physical symptoms hit me out of nowhere again. It's mostly just the 24 hour stomach aches, but I'm starting to get tired of feeling sick all the time!

Does anybody have any similar experiences that can help ease my mind? With the history of mental illness on both sides of my parents' families, as well as being diagnosed with GAD in the past, I know it most likely IS anxiety... but I keep trying to convince myself it's something way worst!
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It's very common for people with anxiety to worry that their symptoms are a sign of some medical condition. That's partly because anxiety does cause all kinds of symptoms. Seems like that might be happening to you.

You mention having a "hyper awareness" of every little thing going on in your body, which basically means you are hyper focusing on such things and being hyper-vigilant. For ONE day, try throwing caution to the wind -- don't pay any attention to the pains, sensations, symptoms, whatever. Have the attitude that "if something is going to happen, let it happen." Besides, IF you do have some kind of medical condition (a BIG if given your age, and since you've been checked out by your doctor), then merely worrying won't change anything anyway, right? At the end of the day, you'll find nothing bad happens. You didn't have a heart attack, stroke, aneurism, whatever. So do the same thing the next day. And the next. Soon you will find yourself feeling a lot better.

Focus OUTWARD on the world and people around you, rather than INWARD on your symptoms, sensations, pain, etc. Be mindful of everything going on around you, and enjoy being young. :-)
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Oops.. a few typos! Sorry!

but 2* years ago in 2013
I was doing fine* a week ago
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