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Could this be stress/anxiety linked?

Well, I've posted a question on here before from some symptoms I've been suffering ( numbness/tingling  in both arms and legs, slight numbness in face, on and off neck/lower back pain, burning/cold sensations when numbness and tingling start up, chest pains, nausea, dizziness, weakness in legs, loss of balance, muscle twitches everywhere, depression,  insomnia, fear of dying and like something was horribly wrong with me, and fear of being alone, and sometimes a slight trembling feeling in my chest and throat that made it hard to breath that occurred at night when trying to relax). Well, last week I landed up in the ER, and they did blood tests, a urinalysis, and MRI scans, and I came out completely normal, aside from a cyst or polyp in my left maxillary sinus, and the doctors suggested it was a pinched nerve. I landed going to a chiropractor a couple of days after my visit to the ER and he said my neck and spine were all messed up, and I've been feeling so much better and more relaxed after just  2 treatments from the chiropractor, and haven't experienced most of my symptoms, aside from the occasional muscle twitch, since... until last night. I was awoken by the slight trembling feeling in my chest and throat and the breathing problems that come with it. It seems to go away though when I wake up and take a couple of deep breaths.... I was wondering, could this be anxiety linked? Because the past couple of days, my mom has been putting a lot of stress on me saying that my hubby and I shouldn't be going to a chiropractor and that he's going to worsen my condition, and then she started being very rude and even deleted me as a friend on her facebook... It's been bugging me and making feel depressed... I'm wondering if that could be a possible cause of this returning? Has anyone else had any experience with this sort of thing? Sorry for the length!
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oh my gosh!!! exact same symptoms as me! every single one! it's really nice to see that someone else is experiencing the same things. i go to friends about it and they never understand D; but yeah thats defiantly anxiety :/ i hate that doctors dont really try to help either. at least with me they dont seem to be.
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Oh wow yes, sounds like anxiety and panic to me. I have been there and done that! It causes so many physical symptoms... Glad you went to the docs so you can be reassured that you are ok, it's just getting a grasp on how to control the anxiety :)
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Yes, these symptoms can all be anxiety/stress related! If you have been to the dr's and had all the tests done and they came back normal then I'd say totally anxiety! I have had same symptoms with my anxiety, and the only thing that makes me feel better is to talk to someone and excersice. I feel my symptoms in my head! Heavy/fuzzy feeling freaks me out! Had a Ct scan all normal, so its anxiety! try and relax and not sress to much on your mom, she is just trying to look out for you!
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